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  1. Hello, I'm still new to fly fishing and this forum. I have really fallen in love with fly fishing, and was looking at up grading to a new Sage One 590-4 rod, from a Cablea's three fork. Anyone have experance with the Sage or a differnt rod that maybe better? I Haven't casted the Sage One yet only my buddies TXl witch I liked. Thanks in advance and happy Fishing.
  2. I have the 590-4 and really like it. Took it down to the Casting Rendezvous at the FFF Fair earlier this month and the Master Casting Instructor cast it and thought it was awesome. He even asked to cast it again before I left.

    I am not a great caster, but 75', and he was getting close to 90' if I had to guess (the tape stopped at the 75' mark).

    It is a really fast rod, but still limber - doesn't feel like a broom stick. If you are going to spend that kind of money though, I would see if you can find one at a shop and cast it on the lawn.
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  3. Nothing wrong with treating yourself to a big purchase . . . but for the same $$ you could get 3-4 very nice rods and greatly expand your quiver. The used market is full of good deals on last years new models and the budget-friendly manufactures like Echo and TFO are worth a look.
  4. If you are spending those $$ check out the web site gattiusa. Those rods are the ultimate.
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  5. Thanks for all the great info, going down to Cableas this weekend to cast the Sage One. Then I'll head over to Silver Bow and see what they have. I'll let you guys know what I come up with.
  6. The One is a great rod, I love mine from the beach or for summer steel.. However to muddy the waters Sage is coming out with the Circa, a slower action rod specifically for trout fishing. I got to cast the 5wt 8'9" and it's butter. If I were primarily fishing trout water I'd wait until the Circa hits the stores, next month I think. Talk to Sean at Silver Bow, he won't steer you wrong.
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  7. When you go to Silver Bow, cast a Winston GVX. Great rod for under five hundred. Winston finish, quality, and warranty.

    Also, hit up Westslope as they are the local Sage dealer (though they don't have a ONE in stock)... I love my Redington Torrent (I have a 8'6" 4 wt) and Westslope has a 9' 5 wt in. It's a GREAT rod and would be a huge upgrade from your Cabelas rod. Amazing warranty, fast smooth action, and quality construction. It is made overseas but for $250, you could get into a great new rod and still pair it with a phenomenal reel and new line. I've also thrown the ONE and I love it, but I can't imagine dropping that much on a rod.

    Good luck on your search. Have fun and throw as many rods as possible. It can be a surprising experience when throwing a new rod... you never know what fits your own casting stroke/style. Have fun!
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  8. Sean and his staft are the "MAN" helped me out a bunch already.
  9. I have a 9'5 wt One and am liking it very much. Have fished just about everything, and I have to say there are a ton of good rods out these days so the One is far from your only solid choice, but it does give you a good all-around trout option. To each his/her own though - you will get as many opinions on this forum as there are rod manufacturers and rod models.

    If you are going to spend money at the high $ end of the rod spectrum, Sage has good customer service to go along with good products so that is another benefit to buying from our Bainbridge Island rodmaker.

    If I could own only one rod in the whole One series I'd probably want the 691 6 weight, so if you are going to be doing saltwater (lighter) and freshwater fishing for lots of species, you might consider that model as it has a saltwater reel seat and fighting butt. I don't own it yet but have cast it and really really liked it. Tight lines!
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  10. Rooster7,

    Seeing as how you're still new to fly fishing, I'd be interested in knowing if and how your interest in upgrading to a Sage ONE is different than a bimbo blond who is sure that the most expensive eye shadow, mascara, and a boob job will turn her into a major sex bomb. In what way or ways is your Cabela's rod unsatisfactory?

    I'm not new to fly fishing and not much influenced by hype and know from experience that the fish have no idea how much I spend on tackle.

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  11. Sounds like you are close to Spokane - I am on the North Side. PM me if you want to cast my rod - there is a school playground close by.
  12. Buy a rod that is half the price. Spend the rest of the money on casting lessons from a certified casting instructor.
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  13. I usually buy what I can afford. I find that rods under $200.00 cast just as nice as the $500.00 ones do. I believe that if you think that a expensive rod will cast and fish better than a rod costing $100.00. You are all wrong. It takes a long while to get where you can cast very good.

    Besides who needs to cast 75'. Most fish are caught close to the bank. If I was fishing pond water, long casts might be good. But I have a small lake/pond in the hills where I live that I catch fish out 25 feet from the shore. Gonna have to go back up there soon.
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  14. He might just be a Cardiac Surgeon that wants to buy some nice gear...If you can afford the best and want the best, then buy the best.

    Also, as for casting 75'...maybe he wants to use for surf fishing as well, where you need to be able to get out past the breakers.

    Lots of assumptions about his casting ability, his requirements and what he needs to spend his money on.
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  15. It's not the wand, it's the wizard.
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  16. Each of us decides how we want to spend the money we have.
    I answer the question this way.
    Go to a shop and cast a variety of rods from different makers, decide what fits you and your needs.
    Buy it!!!
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  17. I love mine, the best single hander Ive ever owned hands down; for me. But you should try several rods in that price range (if that's what you've decided to spend) and decide after you cast them.

    I like a fast rod, and just because its a great rod for one guy doesnt mean its going to be the best choice for the next guy. The wand and the wizard should be a matched pair IMO.

    No the fish don't care how much you spent on the rod, but nothing wrong with buying quality up front either but if you're going to spend that much on a rod I think you owe it to yourself to try several quality rods, besides it's just fun to take them for a test drive.
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  18. Being new to the game, as you stated, these guys make a lot of good sense. That said, it is your money and you spend it on what you feel is in YOUR best interest. I am certain you will.

    I am a Sage believer. I own several. Do they make me any better at fishing? NO. Do I feel better fishing with them? Yes. I like the feel of them and they are pleasing to the eye. There are dozens of others that will match the criterion for others. My advice, is to talk to Sage, talk to anyone else that makes rod that you might be interested in. Sift through the sales hype and then make your decision. If you are like most, it will be 30% fact, 50% emotion and 20% persuasion.
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  19. I need to try this Circa rod, man.
  20. To answer your first question I chose the Sage One do to a few things, made in the USA, made in Washington, and from the one Sage rod I casted I did enjoy. So yes I think the most expensive rod in there inventory (that i know of) is a good start. When I go and cast it and if I'm not feeling it, i'll move on. I'm in no way paying 700$ for the words Sage One.

    There is nothing wrong with my Cableas rod I plan on keeping it, but its a 5wt 8' two piece. I also fish with a TFO lefty 3wt 8'6" 4 piece. the TFO is a faster action rod IMO and the cableas feels really slow after I've been useing the TFOand I like the way it cast. So I want a 5wt 9' 4 piece.

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