information on the Lochsa???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Eric Denny, Apr 11, 2013.

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    You didn't offend me. All I was saying is to go look. Maybe you can find a honey hole by your lonesome.

    Before we all had computers it was word of mouth. I know for a fact that I spend oodles of money for gas and wore out my tires finding places to catch fish. Some places are just to fragile to broadcast out here on the internet for all the masses to go to.
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    I figure if a fisheries shows up in a national fishing magazine, the cat is out'a the bag. When I was writing where-to flyfishing articles, I only pointed out fisheries that were already well known.

    I wrote one article about the March Brown hatch on The McKenzie. Guys from local fly clubs threatened a drive by shooting when the article was published. Sheeesh! The McKenzie is not exactly a secret spot!

    In fact, there are very, very few "secret spots" in Oregon. All you need to do is look in a reference book titled "Fishing in Oregon" to find the exact location of just about any fishery in Oregon. If it's in the book, it ain't secret. The book was published long before the Internet became popular.

    There are a few fisheries I never mention online but they're in the book. Usually, it is a steelhead spot I never mention. Rivers are easily overran, especially when it comes to steelhead.

    Stillwaters? I fish popular lakes and it makes no difference how many folks know about them. If you are not up on stillwater flyfishing, most folks don't catch fish no matter how many are on the lake.

    On another site, some poor newbie got shot down by the regulars because he posted a report about Hosmer Lake in Oregon. The poor guy was blasted as if Hosmer was a secret. What a laugh! Hosmer is about as well known as a flyfishing lake as any in Oregon. They may as well have blasted him for reporting a Deschutes trip.

    So yes, some places you should keep to yourself but others are hardly unknown. The Lochsa is one.
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    Well GAT I will make sure if I find someone's honey hole or if they happen to let it slip, as I see how tight lipped everyone is,lol. I won't post it I don't need anyone shooting at my house over a fishing spot. And to all those reading this please note I am a C&R guy I will leave them there for you to catch

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