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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Big Tuna, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. My intent wasn't to disrespect the NFR posts...I responded to the "Fruitcake" one. Nor did I intend to start a holy war over creationism vs. evolution. Thought I'd try to stir up some discussion about fish or fishing. Since it's been too cold to fish around here, I don't have much new to add. Feel free to delete the post if it violates forum rules or is generally in bad form.
  2. Thanks for the reply but no worries. :)
  3. I missed this thread first time around too, not that I want to bring up answers to old questions but ...The tag was likely a PIT tag, like you mentioned which stands for Passive Integrated Transponder. Many fish are tagged throughout the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Most dams have PIT tag detector systems that can pick up tagged fish going out and coming back.

    If you Google Ptagis and Biomark, you will find two highly informative websites about PIT tags and their respective capabilities.

    FYI, on an unrelated but similar topic, The Fish Passage Center, which has been monitoring anadromous fish populations for years could have their funding wiped out due to bill written by an Idaho politician. The information on FPC's webpage will sorely be missed for anyone who tracks the upstream migration of steelhead up the Columbia and Snake Rivers. They also occasionally display information on PIT tag data.
  4. These PIT tags could be cool to use on some other rivers as well to see where other runs go. Pretty amazing to see what these fish do to get back and spawn!

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