Intermediate/Beginners Anti-Cabin Fever Marathon Fly Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ron Eagle Elk, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. Dylan,

    Great news. I'll keep an eye out for them. By the way, really like your avatar>

  2. REE - My flies went out in the mail this A.M.
    Theron :D
  3. Yahoooo! I was starting to worry a bit there guys. Thanks Theron, I'll be keeping the peepers open for yours too.

  4. Ron,

    Mine are done and have been sent to the "mailing department" should have them either Friday or Saturday depending on what time they hit the post office today.
  5. Thanks Andrew, I'll be alookin fer 'em. Also had an e-mail from LT that his flies are enroute. Things are looking good.

  6. Bob Ellis' flies arrived today. I'm impressed! Very nicely done, Bob.

  7. Ron,
    My flies are currently in the U.S. Mail system. (Went out today) Size 18 Baetis Cripples.
    Griswald a.k.a.
  8. Hey Matt, Great news! This looks like it's going to be a fine end to a great swap.

  9. Ron,

    They went postal. Should be in your hands + 1 day.
  10. Hi Gang,

    Andrew, thanks for the update. I've been known to go postal myself. Oh wait, different meaning.

    Dylan's flies arrived in the afternoon mail, safe and sound. Nicely dressed flies, Dylan.

    Some of you guys are really stretching yourselves in your tying, and, to quote Martha, "It's a good thing". The patterns are becomming more diverse, the fly quality is well beyond the beginner/intermediate level and your all just doing a bang up job.

    So Far we have my usual bonus fly, and flies from Dylan De Paulo, Jim Williamson, VEE, Warren Perry, Randy Diefert, IC Conrad, Jesse Clark, and Bob Ellis.

    Flies are "Postal" from Andrew, Theron, Matt, and Leaky Tiki.

    I haven't hearrd from Lefty Looops, AKA Doug, or Dan Soltau.

    Great work guys.

  11. My mail box overfloweth. Flies arrived from LT, Andrew, Theron, Matt and Dan (including some really nice Copper Johns that were misplaced by the USPS last month). All of these flies are fish takers for sure. Well done guys.

    Dan I'll put the pics of the Copper Johns up with the other nymphs from last month.

    Still no word from Doug. Not like him to be late though.

  12. Ron,
    Doug told me he sent his the day before I did.
    Hpe they arrive tomorrow.
    LT :cool:
  13. Hey Swappers,

    Doug's flies arrived in the afternoon mail. Everyone is in and the count is complete. I'll be taking the pictures this evening and posting them later tonite. The flies will get shipped out to your eager little hands on Monday morning, first thing.

    This is the final leg of the Intermediate/Beginners Anti-Cabin Fever Marathon Swap. Hard to believe it's been going since October of last year (well...Spetember, if you count when the announcement went up). You have all done a great job of tying some killer flies, and getting them in on time too. What a great bunch of swappers! You have made being the Swapmeister soooooo easy.

    I'm heading for the Little D this afternoon to try out a new caddis pattern I found. The Caddis hatch Thursday was unbelievable. Hope it's as good today. Gotta field test them before I share them with anyone. Also found a great emerger that I'm going to test next month.

    I'll let everyone know when the flies go out. Have a great trout season. Keep your eyes open for a new Marathon in the fall.

  14. Hey Guys and Gal, The pics are up, flies will go out on Monday morning, first thing. Congrats on completing the Marathon swap!

  15. This has been a great swap props to you REE thanks
    Jesse clark
  16. Thanks, Jesse, but it's the swappers who made this run so smooth. The final flies of the Marathon are Postal. My thanks to all the tiers who stuck it out since October and had their flies in on time, kept the communication flowing, and tied such beautiful flies month after month.

    I think Randy Diefert deserves some sort of prize though. Not only for his use of the liquid lace in almost every pattern, but for his ability to recycle envelopes. Randy, how many months have we used that same return envelope? I had to put a few patches on it this time, but it still holds flies.

    Thanks again, Guys and Gal. It was a fun swap.

  17. Ron,

    Thanks! This swap was by far the most challenging and fun!

    To all, thank you for the great of luck with your fishing explorations :thumb:

  18. iagree

    A very enjoyable swap. REE for swapmeister of the year!!
  19. Ron,

    My flies arrived safe and sound great ties. Thanks again for hosting an enjoyable and rewarding swap.

    Thanks also to all of the swappers who stayed the course.

  20. REE,

    Got my flies today. Excellent work all.
    A first class swap. Many Thanks.


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