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  1. I'm looking to set up my Echo Carbon 9 ft. 6 wt. with an intermediate line and go explore some south Sound beaches, on foot and via kayak. Giving some thought to the Rio Outbound Short F/I, the Outbound Short full intermediate, the Wulff Ambush Clear Head F/I, the Ambush Neutralizer F/I, the SA Streamer Express Clear Tip ( this has an intermediate running line I believe), and perhaps a traditional full intermediate like the Rio Aqualux or Camolux. I'd love to hear what you guys think are the key factors in choosing an intermediate line for sea-runs.
  2. Rio Outbound Short here. Key's what they had when I got my beach set up. :)
  3. Do you have the floating or intermediate running line?
  4. Intermediate, I would think a full sinker would be overkill at least for SRC as they hang in a pretty shallow bit of water. Considering the habitat of the SRC a floater is pretty legit too, I have one on my second spool for poppers.
  5. Just a mention here. I've fished for sea runs for quite a few years. I used to use a 10 sink-tip and also a dry line. Until last year, I used a dry line for the last 10 years, then I picked up an intermediate. Can't say my catch ratio has improved that much, but, somewhat. With a dry line you can get by much easier without a stripping basket also. Bottom line is, you don't NEED an intermediate.
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  6. I use Outbound Short's on both my beach 6 wts. The floater w/ a 15' clear Intermediate head is a great line, as is the full floater.
  7. I use the intermediate almost exclusively. If I fish a floater, I have WF lines for salt. One is a 40+ and the others I can't remember off hand but usually I use an intermediate Outbound.
  8. The last few years I've used a 40+ intermediate and a outbound (not a short) floater for cutt's on my 5wt, I think my catch ratio has improved with the intermediate (especially for rezzies do to the distance you can achieve) but recently have been using a outbound hover for cutt's and I think it might be the best of all, do to the fact you can fish in much shallower water than a standard intermediate. Other than poppers or surface flies I think it might be the best of both worlds but I need to put a few more days on it to know for sure. I've not cast the carbon 6wt so I'm not sure how it will
    handle a 40+ or outbound but Rio also make the hover in a lake line that isn't as heavy as the outbound, might work better?
  9. I'm in agreement with Larry here. I caught my first searun cutthroat in the salt in 1971 and a floating line (I use an H & H "Hi-Floater") is really all I've ever used in the salt while fishing for them. And it usually works well when they're in the rivers too.
  10. Why "feel" the "tug", when, you can "watch" the tug !!!!!!!! A dry line is more fun! Ask Leland!
    I rest my case.
  11. While I agree with you guys, a floater with surface flies is by far my favorite way to fish a beach... there have been many days when I did my usual first two passes up and down a beach with the floater and didn't raise a fish. Switch rods to the intermediate and start picking up fish right away. It definitely would not be a big deal to fish with only a floater. I do like how I can get a unweighted fly like a flatwing deeper with it... huge benefit.

    On another hand, Roger Stevens uses a Type VI full line and picks up some of those big South Sound fish I never get near.
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  12. Since you are lining a 6 and at times fishing from your kayak, I'd suggest the OB Short intermediate (30' clear head) with the floating running line. The reason I'd suggest that line Is because your 6 wt can serve as a salmon rod for you as well. You can cover two species with one line.

    I know some folks like a intermediate running line as they say it is less apt to catch salad.

    If I was setting up a rod only for searuns, I'd go with a 10-15' sink tip with a clear head.

    Good luck,
  13. Thanks a lot Stonefish
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  14. Another vote for 40+
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. I decided to give the RIO Outbound Short WF-6-F/I a shot. It's the floater with a 15' clear intermediate tip. Hope to be able to try it out soon!
  16. itermediate better when water is choppy
  17. or when its super still, less water disturbance than floating line.
  18. Are you going get a 1 weight heavier line for better casting/load? Like aa WF7I outbound short ?
  19. Well, I already picked up the 6 wt. Outbound Short, but it is spec'd at 235 grains, which is already a lot heavier than a standard 6 wt. line. So I'm hoping it's well matched to the fast action Echo Carbon rod. We'll see :)
  20. I just picked up the SA GPX Hover 5wt for my 5wt Echo Carbon. The GPX series are like the RIO Outbound. About a half line overweight for their line weight. I was debating the Outbound short, but it's not available in 5wt except the Lake version which wasn't in stock. I'd previously tried the 6wt Outbound on my rod, but it was too much. Got last year's Konic 2 at 30% off with it so I'm good to go.

    I'm thinking the Hover/Intermediate lines might be best when targeting rezzies. I find them going after Clousers more which makes it subsurface by definition.

    A floater is my go to for SRCs. It's way to much fun to watch attempted takes even if you don't hook up.

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