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  1. I need some advice on picking an intermediate line. After years of using my intermediate I need a new one. Which one do you suggest for our lakes. Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. I have the Scientific Anglers Stillwater line in 6 wt, and I really like it. It has been the best intermediate I've used so far. I really like the clarity of the line, and it casts quite well.
  3. Rio Camolux, slick, bombs big casts, no excessive tangles. I am very pleased.
  4. I use both the Rio Camolux and the Cortland clear camo. Both work well.
  5. I use the Cortland Clear camo and have a couple of lines of it. Mostly I use the 5 wt one.
  6. Try the Scientific Anglers Hover line
  7. I've thrown both the Cortland camo and the scientific anglers clear intermediate, the S.A. tangles a lot more when laying in the bottom of my drifter. although I did like it's casting. the Cortland camo's rocket taper head does not take as much false casting. I vote the Cortland camo, a lot less line tangles. And I love S.A. lines.

    I have not thrown the rio line or any other. no reason to buy any other line than the Cortland camo. it's been around and proven for many moons!
  8. I'll side with Mark on the Cortland Camo. I have been using one for over 15 years and still love it. After catching thousands of fish it is still in good shape but starting to fade at the business end. I have the 5wt which works on both 4wt and 6wt rods-no need to buy one for each weight. Only a gear whore would do that. You may be able to spend more but I doubt that you will find an intermediate that will provide more bang for the buck.

  9. ouch.
  10. Thanks guys for the feedback!!!
  11. I know I'm a minority voice on this topic. I hate clear lines. I've fished them extensively but not over the past 4 years. The Rio Hover is my preferred intermediate these days. Just wanted to point out that there are alternatives.
  12. I have both a SA and a Cortland. The Cortland doesn't seem to have the same memory as the SA so I learn toward the Cortland. However, for whatever reason, I've noticed all Intermediate sinking lines have a tendency to foul up in my spool and create a birds nest.

    I've spent a half hour untangling fly line and leader before I make a cast. If fish are rising, it is really irritating.
  13. Gene, I have never had a problem with my clear camo tangling, I'm not sure what you mean. Do you by any chance use one of those new fangled large arbor wide reels that look like the wheels on an East LA lowrider? I can see where those reels would be a lot happier with a DT than a skinny little sinking line.

  14. Thanks Gene for providing the feedback. I have a Ross vexis reel and the same thing happens. Also while I am in my pontoon boat or float tubbe I noticed that my intermdiate line tangles much more so in my lap than the other lines. Very frustrating.
  15. Ive, nope... I use an old beat up, well-used Ross Gunnison 3. It isn't just me... my fishing buddies have the same problem with their intermediate sinking lines. I don't know why but the line doesn't spool up correctly or some thing. When you attempt to pull it off the reel it tangle on the spool.

    Damndest thing.
  16. Gene
    Sounds to me that your line might be twisted. Its really hard to see if a clear/camo line is twisted but its behaviour is the key. If you're getting more twists and tangles than you think you should then the line is probably twisted. You can take most of the twisting out of the line and it should fish/cast better. I've had to do this before, usually with clear/camo intermediate lines.
  17. When you say taking the twist out do you do that by stretchiung the line or how do you do it?
  18. I'd do it by hooking a clip on bobber to the end of the line and letting it trail out behind a boat. It would unspin itself.
  19. Yeah, the line is most likely twisting... most likely, it does so when I get in a hurry to reel in my line to leave a lake. Some folks "stretch" their lines before fishing but I'm in too much of a rush to get on the water to mess around with that.

    Besides, it is obviously a design flaw in the product if I can't use it the way I want to... I shouldn't need to untwist or stretch my line to use it.

    I'm writing a nasty e-mail to Cortland! :)

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