Intruder Psychosis

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Steve Knapp, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I have decided to jump into the spey game. I am also losing my mind waiting for my new two hander to finally arrive after ordering it 2.5 months ago, ya I know...but I should have it in two weeks. In the mean time I have been collecting new materials and finally hit the vice this week attacking the classic Intruder. As usual all I needed was a little searching on this site and I found more info than I could process.

    Here are my first swinging flies, they are all tied on Senyo's 40mm shanks and wire.

    Looking for insight on bulk, length, too full, too sparse? Let me know. Some of the heads are way to big, I need to manage my material/thread a little better.

    DSCN1992 (800x600).jpg DSCN1994 (800x600).jpg DSCN1993 (800x600).jpg DSCN1990 (800x600).jpg DSCN1988 (800x600).jpg DSCN1986 (800x600).jpg
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  2. I likey. Good colors
    All unweighted?
  3. they look GREAT
  4. I like the color choices, also the use of mallard instead of guinea on that orange one.
    I think some jungle cock eyes would really make the dark ones pop.
    Thanks for sharing
  5. The question is will they fool a fish. You've already caught the fishermen.
  6. Thy look delicious
  7. Great job on your first set of intruders!
    One thing you do need to change on these flies is the length of the trailer wire. It is far too long on some of them... The loops should be just big enough to swap out the hook, if not smaller.
    This will ensure that you don't fatally hook fish (or at least greatly reduce the chance)..
    Other than that, nice work!

  8. Excellent ties Steve and great colors. I would have to agree with stickel.back as far as the length of the trailers, they
    could pose a problem at that length, but I'd fish them the way they are and see what happens. Just something to keep in mind on your next batch. Also, I think adding weight to some of them, might be something to consider in the future. Thanks for posting them.
  9. Nice...those will hunt for sure. Make sure you water test them before tying too many, trudes may look ok on the vice but one they get into the water they really transform. You need to make sure your prop is well done...not saying that your's aren't but can't see what you used.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys. I will shorten up the trailers without a question. Now looking at them, they look way too long. I wish I could shorten them up, but I think they're stuck the way they are.

    All of these flies are weighted. Each has a tungsten cone behind the front bunch of arctic fox. I do have to stop and start my thread before and after the cone, but they look much cleaner. I hate dumbell eyes.

    I will have to water test them to make sure they don't collapse. I bought a couple colors of rhea, and a couple of those big ostrich plumes to see which I liked more. I think I liked the rhea more. It's smaller, easier to control, and spins really nice in a dubbing loop.

    Back to the vice.
  11. What length are those?
  12. 3.5-4" total. Stinger, a hook length too far as discussed above.
  13. These flies look great! if they;ve got a cone behind the front clump they should hold their shape pretty well. did you peal the rhea, spin it in a dubbing loop or tie it on with a clumping method?
  14. Hey An Ren, I spun the rhea in a loop. I tried clumping, but liked the way it spread out in the loop better. I think the cone will help, although it's still not huge. Gotta swing a few to make sure they stay nice and full.

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