Intruder Swap 2014

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by David Dalan, Jan 3, 2014.


    UPDATED: All full, flies due on the 15th of February. I'll PM shipping details.

    Everyone ties 7.

    1. David Dalan -- DONE
    2. Rod Wittner -- DONE
    3. Rob Ast -- DONE
    4. Pat Lat --DONE
    5. TD -- DONE
    6. LD -- DONE
    7. KevinLS -- DONE
    8. Jmills81 -- DONE

    New to intruders? Check this out
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  2. Got no problem shootin ''s tyin 'em that causes me troubles. ;)
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  3. Hi David. I'll do it. How many?

    I am thinking Decoteau's Evil Twin Brother.
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  4. Everyone would tie 6.
  5. And FWIW, I don't think we should get hung up on the original intruder, derivatives or close relative (big, hairy scary) are legit, but no 4" Egg sucking leeches or MOALs. I dig them too, but I'm thinking something else.

    Intruder, Pick yer pocket, etc.
  6. I think I can handle a few intruders. Count me in.

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  7. I'm in for this one
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  8. 6 intruders - I'm in.
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  9. put me down, looks like there is one more needed
  10. I'd love to join. Feb 15th works a little better I'd imagine but I'll make whatever deadline you set. Will decide on my pattern soon.
  11. just finished 6 squidtruders, but if you guys don't like them I can always keep them and tie something else.:D IMG_8953.JPG
  12. Ohh very nice. "No you don't want to keep those"
  13. :D ... those are really neat!
  14. Im in, keep me updated
  15. Worst flies I've ever seen. I'll do everyone in the swap a favor and have Pat send those to me.:)
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  16. In the vein of "intruder-like", anyone offended by rubber legs?
  17. Like, as a nickname? not cool
    I'm cool with them on flies if thats what you mean.
  18. I say go forth and wiggle.
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  19. OK I think this might be the winner...waiting on some more cones to finish the rest. Thought I may do something completely different. :D

    2014-01-14 20.19.08.jpg
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  20. Wow nice tube fly there. Lots of profile and marabou, what hair is the long wing?

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