intruder time!!

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by stilly stalker, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. thats a good simplified intruder recipie
  2. Some seriously trippy stuff! looks like steelies would crawl all over those!

    there's only one kind of angel hair right? because ive been looking around and it seems like there might be a few. what brand do you use?

    also, what do amherst pheasant feathers look like?
  3. angel hair is made by larvae lace
  4. Nice doing some Intruders myself today, they are pretty simple to tie.
    Be using some angel hair also, keep them simple.
  5. heres another with some rhea thrown into the mix. Im liking rhea a LOT, and I thought the color combo came out looking especially nice
  6. I have the crew on stand-by.
  7. may I inquire as to where you got that fly box?
  8. Office supply store.
  9. Damn... Nice box!
  10. One from lunch time, hope you like it.
  11. You get that shank during your stay at the "crowbar motel" , Stew ...??:rofl:
  12. Yeah.. one of the home boys smuggled that in for me... the guards missed the cavity search- ha, ha.
  13. All are excellent ties! I also like to use 30-35# mono looped for the trailer hook but before I start dressing the fly it take the tag ends of the mono and double them back over, tie off and superglue them. They WILL NOT pull out that way...
  14. And you are anti-bead?
  15. My problem with heavy mono is the diameter and needing it doubled through the hook eye. It holds teh hook out causing less fouling of materials though. Melting each end of the mono to form a little bead on each end will also aid in holding it in place. Once tied in well no way that mono will slip out.

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