Iridescent Green bettle "Hatch"?????

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Entomology' started by Golden Trout, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Have fished this lake for 40 years and have never been aware of a beetle hatch. The odd beetle, bee, flying ant, etc. but never in the numbers that I witnessed this morning.

    The beetle had an iridescent green wing and a dark brownish/blacking underside. About one quarter of an inch in length hundreds of them on the surface. I did not see any fish on them because I believe the fish were preoccupied with the daily damsel factory. If the damsels would not have been there, it might have gotten interesting.

    1. Do you suppose these beetles were aquatic and thus an actual hatch?
    2. What might the underwater stage look like?
    3. Has anyone encountered these critters in these hatch-like numbers?
    4. Has anyone seen fish actively surfacing for these beetles?
    5. Do you have an immature representation?
  2. Taxon Moderator

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    Hi Golden Trout-

    I am not aware of any aquatic beetles with iridescent green wings. Which of these photos did it most resemble?
  3. Golden Trout Active Member

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    Top row, 2nd in from the left comes very close.
  4. Tony Tony

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    Too bad the fish didn't get on them,one early evening at lenice the wind picked up and blew these nickel sized beetles out of the trees and it became a feeding frenzy I've never seen anything like it ever, I didn't have anything even close to a pattern to match but it really didn't matter anything that touched the water in that area was instantly grabbed, it only lasted an hour but it was fantastic