Irish Lough Style Wet Fly

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  1. Sittin on duty tying flies trying to pass the time. I was trying to mimic an "Irish Lough Style Wet Fly" by Davie McPhail. I don't have all of the materials he uses but I think it will fish. I will have plenty of time to learn and mimic everyone I see on YouTube during the next year while I am here in Korea.

    What do you all think? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    I really need to work on the heads of my flies..
  2. What size thread you using?
  3. I am using ultra thread 70
  4. I was going to suggest a smaller thread but it sounds like you've got a small enough thread.
    Mallard flank (assuming that's MF) can be tricky to get the quill wrapped over, maybe try making fewer wraps of MF to have less bulky quill to tie down.
  5. With the exception of your head is slightly longer, yours looks just like Davie's in his picture. I don't see the blue jay feather though.

    You know this is a slippery slope and soon you will venture into soft hackles, flymphs and start buying English older style fly pattern books.

    The English flies for some reason have a larger head on them apparently to mimic the head of the living fly. I initially thought they tied crummy, ill proportioned heads until I figured out it was for a reason.
  6. Tonight's flies.. image.jpg image.jpg

    Bottom two rows are March Brown Spiders
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  7. Those will fish! Getting the heads right is one of my 'areas that need improvement' as well.

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