Is Airflo now Echo in Scandinavia or?

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  1. airflo is a uk co. echo brand is owned by rajeff sports, a us company
    who also distributes airflo in the us. did rajeff buy airflo brand ? wouldn't make sense tho to drop the airflo name, i would think, especially in europe. or is the echo brand popular over there?
    might just give rajeff a call 360-694-2900, and ask.
  2. what does that have to do with the topic? please explain. regardless, echo has never made flylines. even if the dist. you mention sells both echo and airflo, why are airflo lines, now branded echo over there ?
  3. Maybe this can clear it up a bit:

    It looks like Rajeff is designing some of Airflo's lines. Maybe they are putting the Echo label on Rajeff's series of lines to make an easier connection between products.
  4. it has been that way for a long time. why suddenly drop a well known brand name? maybe echo is a more popular name over there than i would have thought ? if they went the other way, i'd understand taking echo rods and calling them airflo for the name recognition in europe.
  5. Hi All,
    Airflow is a huge company that manufactures lines around the world for many companies, including their own Airflow brand.
    While Echo make good rods, i am at every major show in the UK throughout the year, and have yet to even see one, i also guiding on the River Spey and have never had a guest turn up with one.
    Cheers Gordon.
  6. that link explains nothing, only that one distributor is rebadging airflo lines. it would stand to reason, that all of those lines are currently sold here as airflo. mini being switch and storm being rage. id bet a delta spey on it. but the question, why ? still remains. maybe its some legal issue between baltic and airflo. i gues some corporate decisions arent meant to make sense.
  7. Why would Airflo lines be branded Echo in Europe? Because Echo paid Airflo to make the lines for them. "Private labeling" [selling your product (Airflo) to another company (Echo) with their brand or store name] is a very common practice. Sometimes there are slight differences in the product but many times, the product is the same; the company I work for (camping products mfg.) gets requests from other manufacturers and retailers to sell them private labeled stuff all the time.

    So the real question is why would Airflo agree to private label lines for Echo? The details of the Rajeff/Airflo US Distribution Agreement or their Private Label Agreement is something which we will likely never know (including where and how he is allowed to market Echo-branded private label Airflo lines). But, manufacturers who private label for other companies, do it for one reason - it increases our sales.

    It is very common for companies to have different assortments in different markets/countries. To me, it simply looks like Echo is trying to build their brand/sales overseas with a more well-rounded assortment that includes lines. Since Rajeff only distributes Airflo in the US, of cource Rajeff would want to distribute and build their own brand (Echo), as they do not benefit from the sale of Airflo lines in other countries. (although Rajeff might get a royalty on the lines he designed but my guess is his profit from Echo brand line sales will be higher than the loss of the royalty he loses when an Echo line is sold rather than an Airflo line). Like Baltic Flyfisher said, "much ado about nothing". It's done all the time and only consumers who have exposure to and knowledge of both brands will ever know, although in the tiny world of spey fishing that is likely to be most people. If this private label agreement did not benefit both companies in the long run, I seriously doubt that they would be doing it.
  8. a very logical explanation, one that hadn't occured to me.

    btw, baltic does not list airflo on its products page, nor do i see lines such as the delta listed (i dont think it was a rajeff design)
  9. I am probably wrong-but-I though Tim and Dec designed the delta long ago..
  10. Baltic flyfisher actually had airflo before and that´s why I got confused when they suddenly changed to Echo. They are still called skagit compact, switch, Rage. I emailed Silja Longhurst at Baltic Flyfisher ( awesome speycaster btw) and asked what the deal was, this is how she replied:

    Hej Andreas!

    They are exactly the same tapers and lines as AirFlos. Tim Rajeff who designed the lines for AirFlo in the first place has just decided to sell the lines under his own brand. They are also still produced by AirFlo.

    tight lines


    Silja Longhurst
    FFF Certified Casting Instructor
    RIO Pro Team
    Agent for Echo Rods

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