Is anybody going to post the pics of the steelhead swap?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mike doughty, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. what i just asked
  2. I am trying but keep running into problems...first my camera wont take clear pics zoomed in, second the borrowed camera, same brand, will take great pics but my flashcard reader wont read the flashcard?? I have tried multiple software updates with no success. I am suppose to get the latest software for the new camera/reader today. However, if someone has the capability to take the pics, please feel free to do so??

    ~Patrick ><>
  3. ...just send me your flies and I'll photo them and get tehm back to, soon, yeah, soon, that's it...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  4. fair enough
  5. I hate these cameras!! I cant get it to work so.....can someone else take the pics and upload them?? If not, i will send them to Roper??

    ~Patrick ><>
  6. Hot damn, free flies...
    :+ :+ :+
  7. He better not send you mine!!:reallymad

  8. I'll take some this week and post them. It might take a few days though. I just got back from a week in Mexico. Fishing report to come...

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