Is anyone not fishing a two-hander?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Panhandle, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. My god, it seems like everyone is either fishing them, posting about them, buying one, etc..

    I'd say the American revolution is in full effect. If you don't have one by now, you're not with it man.:D
  2. Guess I'm not with it then... I still have way too much to learn about fishing a single hander. Case in point, this is my first year fly-fishing outside of the spring/summer trout season and I feel completely LOST... any good fly-fishermen in Everett area need a friend???? I'll drive!

  3. I have always been a one hander myself. The idea of casting a 13 or 14 foot rod just doesnt seem fun to me. sure you can throw it across the river but its not my idea of having a good time. i plan on sticking with what i know and enjoy.
  4. I actually sold mine recently and am going to buy a new one soon. I got the SAGE 9140-3 10 years ago and it proved too heavy for the fish I catch.

    Furthermore I can spey cast my single hander about 80' and I hardly ever fish further away than that so I don't really see a need for a true 2 hander. This is with the standard issue RIO versatip without mods on a SAGE VT2 896-4. I should also mention that I am 6'3" so that height helps a lot with launching the line.

    I believe anyone should be able to spey cast a single handed rod an adequete distance for most fishing situations.

    Don't more people just spey cast with their single handed rods? Ever since I learned the spey cast and got it down it has revolutionized my ability to cover water but it was the cast and not the rod that was critical to more steelhead hooked.

    The two handers coming out now called "switch" rods are far more alluring to me. But than again the fighting but on my single hander works fine as a handle so I am not so sure.

    I do want to get a Decho because I suspect that will be a premium product and just a joy to use on occasion.
  5. even though it frustrates my regular fishing partner to no end, i've resisted getting one. i'm not entirely against the idea, but i'm never in a situation where i say to myself "if i had a two hander, i'd be at a severe advantage here." it would be another tool in my collection of rods. if i don't need the tool, i don't need to fork over the cash for one.

    and for some reason i just love casting a single hander.

    edit: plus, i've never understood why some people get them, then discriminate on where they want to fish by only going to where they can use their spey. i always thought it was a tool to open up more water to fish for you, not so you can narrow down your fishing trips to only rivers that will have enough room for you to cast your 14' pool cue.
  6. Love mine. I can cast heads/flaoting all day long with no wear and tear on me old body. And I can cast like a billion feet.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) most of the local water is hardly as wide as the rod is long, so most of my fishing is with my trusty dusty single handed rods.
  7. I swear I am going to make a shirt with one side stating "I spey because it is trendy"....
  8. I resisted for years-- fishing large Oregon steelhead water with a sinlge hander for 15 years. I did as well, if not better, than a lot of spey guys I knew because a consistant 75 ft. cast is fishing and covering water well. That and I knew the rivers I was fishing.

    When I moved here four years ago and fished the Clearwater with my 9.5 ft 8 wt. I lasted one day. That was it; after that I went out and bought one. Though I still suck, the mechanics and fishability of them, not to mention the lack of energy it takes, makes using a sinlge hander on big water insane IMO. As well, the nice thing about trout speys is that it makes trout fishing interesting, becasue the casting and technique is more engaging then catching 15 inch trout anyway.
  9. Im going to break your face!

    And I will agree that our methow trip had a little less water than I was hoping for, however, we live in an area where the spey rods on our LOCAL rivers offers a big advantage...... As long as you are not Nymphing eggs!!!!

    furthermore, I dont see too many people FISHING two handed rods anyhow.... I do however, see a lot of glitter and pretty casts while people are throwing small bits of yarn! I am trying to change all of that.
  10. And it starts.......
  11. WHOAH! No comment.

    People keep saying this over and over and it is like a broken record.

    Harry Lemire spey casts his single hander just fine. I have seen him doing it on the Skagit with my own two eye balls.

    Let me rephrase your statement to make it more truthful:

    We live in an area where the SPEY CASTING on our LOCAL rivers offers a big advantage.

    It is the "no backcast" element of spey fishing that I find hugely advantageous but like I said in my last post. You don't need a spey rod to spey cast.

    I do and many of them can't cast! I always chuckle.

    Also, they rarely have a vest. It is always that trendy little side pouch. Who gets the credit for starting all that?

    Hehe as long as small bits of yarn outfish the beautiful spey flies things aren't going to change. I do prefer the spey flies though.
  12. I got one this year. Fishing the West End these past few years, I've consistently thought that if I'd had one, I could cover that water. I've skipped, or at the best, lightly fished great holding water because I didn't know how to spey cast, even with a single hand rod. I've done well enough on fish, but this is my last year here before I transfer, so it was more of a "eh, what the hell? I'll try it." It just broadens your flyfishing abilities, whether or not you're a diehard spey guy or not.

    It's fun and frustrating at the same time getting the cast down. But having seen it done properly makes me want to learn it even more.
  13. I'll probably never get one. Perhaps if I stumble accross one at a garage sale or have one given to my by a dieing relative (none of them fly fish though...), I may take it up just for the heck of it. But I'm having too much fun as it is now, and don't feel the slightest urge to change... And everyone knows I'm not trendy and could care less about 'fitting in' ;)
  14. why would you ever want to do anything else? :confused:
  15. I have a Beulah 7/8 switch. I probably cast it with one hand as much as I do with two. Of course if I ever got serious about spey casts I might change my mind. I have singles from 4 thru 12 with a few extras in the range. The only way that I'd totally commit to 2 handers would be if I could sell all but my 5 & 7 singles for what I paid for them.
  16. the idea of a switch rod has always seemed pretty appealing to me. if i ever finally pull the trigger on the whole 2 handed thing, i may go that route
  17. I have no interest in a spey rod.

  18. Casting my longer baitcasting rods is easier with two hands. Does that count? My fly rods only require one hand.
  19. I can't afford another expensive hobby.bawling:
  20. this carries far too much truth with me as well. at least until i can get rid of my POS car that's sucking the life out of me (and money from my bank account)

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