Is anyone not fishing a two-hander?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Panhandle, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. I have tried it. I had a 14' St Croix 8/9 I think it was with a Okuma Intregrity 9/10 fly reel on it. It was quite a handful. I traded for the rod from Matt Burke. Some gear fishing rods and reels. On my best day I could get out maybe 80' with it and that was on the Skagit where one is needed. I caught a 12" dollie with it and didn't even know it was on. I have since sold it to Davy Earl. I am thru with that type of fishing. And last summer I went out and got me a 7'9" fly rod. Lots more fun than that broom stick I tried to cast.

    I keep thinking that I should have one for these Montana rivers, but with them being so shallow you can almost wade across them. So I don't think I need another one. Besides I now have a cannon for a rod. A 9' TFO 5 wt Professional. What a cannon. 80' without wearing out my arm and shoulder.

  2. Jim I cant believe you totally understated the athletic prowess of a fish being skidded in on its side with its head in the air, or that you left out the amazing topwater display of power they show when doing so...

    I do however agree with you completely. No matter what the label reads I still see a 14 wt line when I hold a spey "8 weight" line.
  3. I had the Windcutter line I believe. The 8/9/10 or the 9/1011. What ever size it was it was big.

    And to top it all off, the day I was on the Skagit with Matt Burke was that a gear head said "man that sure is a big fly reel" and I said it fits the rod. A three piece broom stick. I don't think that it even put a bend in it when I casted that big line out with it. I know that the fish didn't.

  4. I'd rather troll the sound for sharks with large plugs of tobacco than cast a spey rod :rolleyes:
  5. I bought my first 2 handed rod about 15 years ago. I now think I own a dozen or so and have sold many others. I missed the trendy part so keep your fucking t-shirt. I also own around a dozen or so single handers currently and have no idea how many I have owned thru out the years. I bought my first single hander some 45 or so years ago and I have never seen the dumb assed movie. This year I have fished at least 4 or 5 of the 2 handers and about the same number of the single handers. I use the appropriate gear for the fish, the water, and situation I am in. I don't care if you use a single hander, a 2 hander, have a t-shirt, seen the fucking movie or wear one of those little fag packs.

    I want to see someone single spey 15 feet of T14 and a 2 inch bunny leech 80 feet with a single hander. Pure bullshit.
  6. Jeez KerryS why you such an arse today?

    Did we hit too close to home?

    Did you start the "fag pack" craze or something?

    As far as this comment "I want to see someone single spey 15 feet of T14 and a 2 inch bunny leech 80 feet with a single hander. Pure bullshit." comment.

    I never said I was using a 15 foot sink tip and casting a 2 inch bunny leech 80 feet with a single hander.

    If I were using giant tips and huge flies I would not be able to spey cast a single hander 80 feet. But I could cast 40' and that is about all I need in "most" fishing holes, even on the Skagit.

    Why you internet arseholes always put words in my mouth? I never said anything about 15 foot sink tips and 2 inch bunny leeches you jackass!

    Those 2 inch bunny leeches are the worst casting flies around. I HATE THEM!

    I will take my single hander, with a floating line and a typical spey fly and spey cast 80 feet in front on you if you want me to prove it.
  7. And please do it sun up to sun down........

    Im done with the pissing match..... over and out!

  8. So what makes you think I was talking about you? Ego?

    No son, you didn't hit to close to home. Its a troll. Nothing more.
  9. Wow if you guys are casting 80 feet "sun up to sun down" than you are casting over a lot of steelhead....

    And holy crap why don't you guys actually read some posts and not make up stuff that nobody ever even said. :rolleyes:
  10. No not ego. It is pretty obvious isn't it?

    I was the one talking about spey casting a single hander before you posted in this thread so I kind of figured your whole "bull shit" comment about spey casting a single hander was aimed at me.

    Makes sense doesn't it?

    My point was that I am not full of "bull shit". I spey cast my single hander ALL DAY LONG with no issues and I cover most of the water I fish, even on the Skagit River, with no problem.

    Try spey casting one of your slower single handers sometime. With a little practice and the right timing you may be suprised what it can do....

    But like I said above, you won't be casting 15' sink tips and 2 inch bunny flies 80feet anytime soon with a single hander. You should be able to do 45 to 50' though fairly easily and I rarely fish much further than that on our big rivers because I never hook fish out there.
  11. ...and the guys casting 40 feet aren't getting to the steelhead.:beathead:
  12. And they say men don't have PMS. :eek:

    It's one thing when we're in the grips of Winter and everyone has blue balls, but this shit is rediculous.

    There's a sale on tampons over at Safeway ya little weanies.:beer1:
  13. I well I guess I am a weanie than. :D


    I have one thing to say though, call me a weanie or whatever I don't give a rat's ass BUT:

    Why is it that people can't complain, argue, bitch, moan, fight, cuss, and get highly opinionated around here without name calling ensuing?

    I mean are the weanies the ones arguing?

    Or are the weanies the ones who won't argue and stand up to their opinions?

    I would much rather have this forum be an all out slug fest than some yancy place for reports and pics.

    Fishing is too important to me to not argue and get pissed about all kinds of stuff.

    So anyway, why don't guys who call everything a "pissing match", a "troll" (whatever that means), "weanies" et cetera KISS MY ASS.

    I come here to talk about fihing and express my opinions about it not to hold hands and share.
  14. What are you talking about guy? I argue constantly.:D In fact I'm ranked #3 asshole on this forum. Didn't you see this weeks rankings? :beer2:

    Bueler, I'm going to calli tas I see it, so don't get hurt when I say this.....

    Your efforts for recognition, regardless of how negative they are--- are not getting validated. I know this, because your posts have no substance, are irrelelevent to the thread, and are clearly geared for reaction in order to gain attention. I don't get it and don't want to know what's behind it... i'm just sayin'
  15. I gotta say, I wouldn't know trendy if it bit me in the ass. The wife is charge of things that are stylish/cool/trendy/hip. I'm in charge of mowing the lawn and getting rid of spiders.

    I am in the middle of buying a spey rod for one simple reason:

    Casting my 8wt single handed rod with a sinking tip the distances needed to fish larger rivers tires me the hell out. I'm not the strongest guy and I'm hardly perfect at casting. Within a couple of days of spey practice, I could cast just as far with a lot less effort. I love single handed rods, and if I were a stronger, less lazy, person I'd fish them all of the time.

    But I'm not.
  16. iagree:ray1: Brilliantly said. it's just plain smart.
  17. Jbeuhler,

    80' with a single hand spey, all day long? God of all casting right there. No question about it...your 40' in winter steelhead land is covering the majority of fish. But NOT all and those you are missing could likely be the difference between hooking up or not.

    If it works for you then by all means keep after it.

    Panhandle...nice job on the shatpot you boiled today!!!

  18. Is that why I haven't been able to catch any?:beathead: :confused: :beathead: :confused:
  19. And this thread wasn't geared for a reaction?

    I like to stir the pot just like you. ;)

    I just can't stand it when people put words in my mouth.

    And I would have to disagree with you being the number 3 asshole, I would say you clearly deserve the number 1 position.
  20. William, just wait to see what I got cooking in the oven for tomorrow.:rofl:
    Do you want those damn boots or not?

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