Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Akuriko, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Hi, i was reading my cabelas fly fishing catalog since bass pro hasn't come out with there's yet and i was curious, is cabelas fly rods any good? are they worth the money?
  2. Yes and no. And some are. IMO
  3. Asking about a general brand, not a specific rod/price point, you are going to get the full spectrum of answers.

    The best way to discuss and review a rod is to pick a specific make and model. Check reviews online and ask for personal feedback from members.
    Rods are specific to a persons ability/style etc etc.

    I have a RLS906-4, its a great rod for throwing sculpins, leeches and minnows.

    Bottom line, take it for a test drive, throw some bugs around before you buy it, if ever possible.
  4. I went through this same thing last year. So I will make this crystal clear for you. YES Cabela's rods are just fine. Go buy one and start fishing.
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  5. I have a couple of their Stowaway rods and really like them. I purchased them for very specific applications and didn't plan to use them much, but they get used all the time.
    Some of their combo packages are really good deals.
  6. Yes, they are just fine. Are they as good as rods costing 3x as much, no. But if you can afford a cabelas rod, and it gets you out fishing then go for it.

    I also have a Stowaway 6wt that I really like. I've heard good things about the Three Forks rods too.

    At worst you replace it later with something nicer, and you have a good backup rod available.

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  7. I have a Stowaway 6 that I bought because I could keep it in the tour pack on my Harley. It is actually a pretty nice rod. I also have a Genesis two piece in a 4wt which I use for Blue Gill fishing here in Nebraska. It will probably get less use after my move to the PNW but it is also a decent rod. Are there better rods out there? Sure, but for the price they are nice rods.
  8. Bought a Stowaway 6wt years ago when the airlines started giving me grief about my 2pc rod tube. Think I payed $95 and I've been very happy with it.

  9. I am using Cabela's L-Tech rods in both 4 and 5 wts for all of my lake fishing. They are powerful and smooth and can carry a lot of sinking line in the air for those long cast. I just love 'em and sold my TFO rods once I got these. They are almost as light as an Orvis Helios but cost less than 1/3 of the price. Their best feature may be the reel seat! It is the finest and most positive I have ever seen. The 25 year warranty ain't bad either.

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  10. Hi, i was curious because of the catalog they have, i have have redington classic trout rods i was thinking to buy some more rods and i don't know what brands are good and so forth and i am skeptical of a company at times that has there own line of gear, i shouldn't be because i buy and test out all the time various other store brands like the walmart brand, safeway brand or kroger brand to name a few. Right now i'm trying to get a 23 yo disabled girl started on fly fishing and i keep looking for a rod for her. :)
  11. I second the L-Tech endorsement. I tend to strong-arm a little more than I need to and the rod complements that. And the reel seat, no doubt!
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  12. Yes, Cabela's rods are any good, along with most all other brands on the market. It comes down to what you want in a rod, and why you want particular attributes. Cabela's offers fly rods from $49 to over $300. I've had 3 Cabela's Three Forks model rods, their cheapest line I think, in 6, 8, and 10 wts. The action is not my favorite, but they are similar to the most popular fast action rods being offered. The rods work just fine for the purposes I bought them for. I bought 4-piece models (well the 6 wt is 5-piece) for travel rods, and the fast action is good for salt water use.

  13. Thanks, i assume then the cabelas reels are just as good then?
  14. I like my RLS.

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  15. This is where I will answer with "it depends". My rule of thumb is the bigger the fish you are going for the more you should pay.
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  16. Just as good as some, better than some, and not nearly as good as some others. Like I said in your other thread. You need to know enough about what attributes in a rod you want and are looking for. Otherwise it's difficult to appreciate the differences. Since you seem to be at the stage of not understanding the differences, I think a really expensive rod might be wasted on you until such time as you increase your knowledge and understanding about fly rods.

  17. Hi Akuriko,

    What length/weight rod are you seeking for your friend? I might have a spare rod and possibly a spare line. Don't mind giving them away for a good reason. Feel free to PM me or let those of us on the forum know. Best, B
  18. I have bought 4 of the three forks cabelas rods. For me they are perfect, I can beat the hell out of them and not care to much. My favorite is the 9' 6wt and I think I paid $79.00 for it on sale. I like to put my money into lines and the reels. However I am a huge fan of the plastic Redington Crosswater reel simply for the ability to fish the salt every weekend without burning up a nice reel. For $150.00 a cabelas combo is hard to beat, and lets be honest a $400.00 rod does not = more fish. When your tailgate or dog smashes the thing you don't have to sell a kidney to buy a new one.
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  19. I had a Cabela's 11'3" 6wt 3-pc for many years, before the "switch rod" fad. It helped me bring many a summer steelhead to hand, and it was a good saltwater beach rod, too. I broke the tip section a few years ago, and they replaced the whole rod with the newer Lsi model for a nominal fee...and this newer rod is great, too.
  20. They will cast, fish and last fine. And as others here have said, they are better than some and not as good as others.

    What they won’t do is support your local fly shop.

    If you live within reasonable driving distance of a fly shop you might find that you can get as good or better rod at the same price point. Chances are you’ll be buying it from someone who knows what they are talking about and can give you sound advice and the opportunity to cast it before you buy it. You will almost certainly get better service and you’ll be helping out your community by purchasing from a small business from someone that probably shares your passion for fly fishing.

    I’m not anti-Cabelas by any means, and I’m not going to attempt to tell anyone how to spend their money. I understand financial constraints can sometimes force decisions. I started with a $30 Southbend combo kit (honestly that little rod is still a guilty pleasure) that no self respecting fly shop would even carry.

    But now if I can purchase it from my local fly shop I do. When you compare the overall value of the purchase (i.e. product value, customer service, knowledgeable staff) I think in most cases you come out way ahead buying from the local fly shop and owe it to yourself to at least give them a shot.
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