Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Akuriko, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Old406Kid

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    If I have this right, Akuriko is a 35 year old female looking to get a disabled person out fly fishing.
    Also pretty sure she's in Grant County. Would be nice if a local fly club member could help out a bit.
    Akuriko correct me if I'm wrong and maybe check out the local fly fishing club. Ours, in Spokane, has a beginners
    class going on now. Great way to start and meet some new people.
  2. troutdopemagic

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    An insider tells me the American Dream rod Cabelas sells in made by Sage.
  3. Salmo_g

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    Well it's a good thing she has a friend like you, who makes lightning fast decisions! (jk)
  4. Roper

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    ARE Cabela's rods any good?
  5. Jerry Daschofsky

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    I can attest to casting my brother in laws new Cabelas combo. He picked up a 5wt recently. It was a dream to cast surprisingly. The combo was truly dialed in straight out of the tube. And worked like a charm. He was able to do pin point casts, and hooked/landed an over 20" trout on the Yakima with it. Had to fight that fish, and played like a dream.
  6. Kyle Smith

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    I have only used a Cabelas switch rod, once, on the Yakima in December. I cast a nymph rig 50 feet on my first ever Skagit cast! If I ever need a two-hander, they will be in consideration, along with TFO, Echo, and Loop.
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  8. Old Man

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    They don't seen to fish many Spey rods and switch rods here in Montana. I asked about then in my local fly shop. They don't get a call for them here.

    You would think that one would work on the Madison, down in the canyon as wide as it is there. But the river isn't very deep as you see guys wading out to the middle of it.
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    Thanks Roper for pointing out the obvious. I read Akuriko's post minutes after it was posted and started to answer it with a two word sentence: "They is!" But then I suspected that the PC community on the board would call me out for being snarky to someone to whom English is obviously a second language and didn't do it. Instead I offered the best advice I had and let it go at that.

    Now after pages of this stuff I kind of feel that many of us got sucked into the conversation by virtue of our very nature to be helpful. By now I have no idea if Akuriko is a guy, a girl, something in between or a computer generated troll. Had I just typed "They is!" and been taken seriously we probably could have avoided 5 pages of redundant bullshit.

  10. Kyle Smith

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    I read an article in Montana Fly Fishing ( on spey fishing the Missouri. I also watched "Where the Yellowstone Goes" last night, and they did a little bit of spey casting. Good movie. I would like a light spey rod for those rivers and any opportunity for a summer steelhead trip.
  11. Akuriko

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    That would be awesome however if it was sage they should give a lifetime warranty not like Caebla's telling me its a 25 year warranty, lol
  12. Akuriko

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    Your right i am a 35 yo female trying to get a 23 yo female into fly fishing, the 23 yo is from Kentucky and Disabled. Ok i will google the local fly clubs and see what i can dig up here and in Kentucky, Thank you for the advice. :D
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    Time out!!

    English is my fourth language.

    Is this proper use of the English language??
    Is Cabelas fly rods any good?

    Please as a non-English sounds funny??
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    "is you is or is you ain't my baby?" (been bothering me since the first post)
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    This is getting rude!
    If you don't have something positive to say, your not required to comment
    so please move on.
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    Well said. It is obvious that English might not be the native language of the OP. I would venture to guess that for most of us, our command of the Japanese language would be just as bad (if not worst). Have we become so intolerant as a forum not to embrace diversity?
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    Uh oh, the PC touchy feely's are on board, everyone be their best behavior...:rolleyes:

    I like it when they feel like they have to tell us what to do and say in defense of our opinions don't matter because they don't agree with them...

    I for one, feel that the English language should be spoken and written properly. If you don't like that, tough.

    Embrace that diverse opinion...
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    The first one to note my typo error wins the door prize...
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    Feely's should be feelies?
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    "be AT their best behavior" ?