Is hunting bad?

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  1. I've heard many things about hunting. some people think it is bad. is it? :hmmm:
  2. oh boy, thats just a fun question now isnt it. i would imagine if one were to say hunting is bad and all about killing, then the same person would say that catch and release is kidnapping and torture. i love hunting, yet i catch and release when fishing so that makes me one sick and twisted individual
  3. Depends on what you're hunting for!
  4. Wow, vague and troublesome. This will be fun to watch.
  5. I've heard many things about strippers...Is getting a lap dance bad? :cool:
  6. Only if they give you something to remember them by that requires strong antibiotics to get rid off.:rofl::rofl:
  7. Hunting plays an integral part in game management throughout the country. People destroyed the populations of natural predators, ie bears, wolves, etc, so someone needs to 'regulate' game, and hunting does just that.

    On the flip side of that is the fact that hunting is inversely selective, meaning that instead of the Darwinian model, survival of the fittest, in which the weaker animals are removed from the population, the stronger, healthy animals are removed. In that sense it can be seen as destructive.

    It remains my opinion, as well as most people in the field that most of the time hunting is necessary to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  8. This should be interesting.
  9. that is the only real answer to this post
  10. John a lapdance is not bad as long as you don't take the stripper to breakfast.......and hunting is good and necessary.
  11. You've got to be more specific if you want a real discussion here.
    Anything can be bad or good.
  12. There's a difference between hunting and actually harvesting of wild game. When done legally and ethically, there is nothing bad to be found in the harvesting of game. As noted, it is necessary to maintain some semblance of natural balance in a world where we've upset the balance of nature. Hunters, as a group, pour more money into conservation programs than any of the groups who might criticize hunting.

    Next question.
  13. Hunters in the early 1900's came together and saved many species from extinction. Market hunters had seriously reduced many populations of wildlife. Some, like the Passenger Pigeon, were exterminated. Hunters brought about legislation that set up conservation and management of wildlife species. Kinda like we as fishermen have to do now to save some precious runs of fish. Nobody else seems to give a crap. :beathead:
    What are all the environmental groups, tree huggers, animal rights people doing as Endangered fish species sit on the edge of extinction?
  14. No.
  15. Where did you hear that it was bad, just curious.
  16. I'm wondering if you are concerned with morality, ethics, biology, or safety of hunting, or just like throwing grenades on to a forum............

    I was taking heat from a group on nurses on an inpatient unit at the VA hospital in Seattle. They were mostly anti-hunters and couldn't understand why I wanted to shoot a moose that I had taken in Canada. I asked each of the nurses in the group if any of them had eaten meat in the past 24 hours. They all indicated that at least one meal consisted of some form of meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, lamb). I asked if they had killed the meat, they said "no". I asked if they knew who did kill the animal the meat came from. They said "no". I then offered the observation that they were actually scavengers of the kill of others. I, on the other hand, was a predator that preferred to kill my own meat. I also told them that this was not a value or judgement thing. Scavengers are necessary and normal part of life's system as are the predators. That group of nurses scattered like a busted covey of quail.

    What's the old Leoupold quote? "You don't have to kill to hunt, but until you have killed you have never hunted"?
  17. Simple answer really, NO.
  18. Actually I think you meant Jose Ortega y Gasset and “One does not hunt in order to kill; one kills in order to have hunted.”

    Before anyone goes off on how killing predators is bad I must ask if you have problems with predators killing people... They can and will do that and killing some (hunting) keeps the rest honest.
  19. Humans have not arrived at the top of the food chain by invitation. It's taken thousands of years of hard work and innovation. It has allowed us to become masters of the planet, and of late, the destroyers.

    Humans have what seems to be a constant hunger for more of anything, never satisfied with "enough".

    In this sense, hunting can be bad. If we are not stewards of wildlife, we are the consumer as in so many other instances.

    Here's my rules:
    Never kill anything I won't eat.
    Kill as quickly and as cleanly as possible.
    Never take more than the limit, or what I can use readily.
    Waste as little as possible.
    Always give thanks at the end of the hunt...
  20. Roper,

    Man has always been on top of the food chain. "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.'" - Genesis 1:26

    That was day 6 of the beginning of EARTH so I think that means we didn't take 1,000's of years to get there if you know what I mean.

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