Is hunting bad?

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  1. colton rogers

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    so Jerry if a 12 point bull stepped out in front of you and you shot it with whatever you use, you wouldn't want it stuffed.

    we have some in our living room and some in our office. but my family doesn't get everything stuffed, only the very nicest. all the nice ones we boil the heads and do a self European mount. they turn out alright, for the shop. all im saying is its like a picture, but it looks back at you every morning when your drinking your coffee and its the same excitement as it was when you first shot it all the memories come back. i will shoot the first legal animal, b/c i do it for the meat, but i also like to set standards. like it has to have ___ many points before ___ numbers of days have passed. i don't have any of my heads stuffed. because i don't have any big animals that i want stuffed. but i have the European heads in my room and in our trailer.
  2. colton rogers

    colton rogers wishin' i was fishin'

    there is also a big difference between hunting and killing. hunting is skillful tracking, waiting and outsmarting the animal, killing is walking into the woods and taking whatever you can, even if it is a little fawn. i hope none of you have taken a fawn.

    but i know one guy did because my dad and cousin got there deer early in the season, and the deer hang on the pole for a week, we got them cut up and packaged and i the cooler. it got warmer as the season went on so we took them to town and had a local butcher put them in his freezer for us, when we opened the door, there was a man dropping off a fawn that was about the size of a medium sized dog. he didn't take care of the meat, didn't gut it. hide still on. that i think is wrong. mostly because what are you gonna get out of it after a butcher is done with it 3/4 of you meat so that guy got about 20 pounds of meat back:mad:
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    Trust me, I don't want to come across a some Bible thumping radical from the eastside. Everyone has their opinion on what they believe to be true or not. It is funny to me that the b.s. you were probably fed in school brings you to form the opinions you have about creation or evolution. If you really think that we "evolved" from something and were not created by God then I'm sorry man but you got your facts wrong. If you really do your research, science does coincide with the Bible but just maybe not your science. You either believe all the Bible says or you don't. There is no inbetween or only believing the parts that you want to believe in. I think hunting is great by the way. I can only hope that one day you will realize the truth and find what you are searching for (be that animal or Jesus)
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    I haven't shot a fawn, but if the guy was not poaching and made the choice to legally kill a sub-adult animal, that is his deal. Maybe he likes veal, or maybe he missed the bigger animal he was shooting at, but rather than leave it, he did the right thing. That meant taking an embarrassing animal to the butcher. That takes a lot more guts than leaving it in the field.

    Your story says he didn't take care of the meat, so chances are he was new to the game. That is probably not a good excuse, but then again he probably learned a lot from that kill.

    Also, to some "hunters", killing the first legal animal they see is hunting. That is how I roll for big game (muzzle loader deer). I like to get the meat in the freezer and get back to chasing salmon. That does not take away the thrill of the hunt, or the excitement of the kill. If I didn't like chasing silvers so much, I would hunt longer just to enjoy hunting itself, because it is really fun.
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    Nymph or swing? Whatever works for one may not work for the other, but as long as you're enjoying the "hunt", it's all good.
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    If by believing the earth was created 10,000 years ago in a span of six days, you feel better when you go to sleep at night than you should believe. I personally don't believe that way but hey that's ok. I do find it funny that you refer to the, "b.s we were fed". There is a exponentially more evidence of a fourteen billion year old universe and four billion year old earth than there is of a 10,000 year old earth. Religion isn't called "your truth" it's called called "your faith" there's a reason for that!
  7. Its good because it culls the populations and keeps them in a healthy balance. It also, with certian resrictions, can keep the genes of the species relatively "pure". I now that sounds weird but its the truth, it means there will be less of a chance for wide spread disease and birth deffects. But at the same time you are killing a living creature, so i see why people call it bad. Personally i think its ok.
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    Science = Fact, no it is not BS

    Bible = Belief, (what where there only a selected few that would know about the bible and Jesus, and all that other crap.

    And yes you do come across what you feared....Life for all is biological not theological (IMHO)

    If god did exist then the Seahawks would have a superbowl ring :clown: To each their own and I respect that....:beer2:
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    I have shot and shoot quite a few bears, black and brown/grizzly. Actually, by most standards I shoot a lot more than just a few. I will not try to eat another brown bear, but I like black bears and we eat them. There will be no apology from this quarter for shooting bears, wolves or other predators with no "carnal" intentions...

    On another forum I was attacked as "pretty pathetic" for mentioning a brown bear I shot. This from an idiot holding a monster native rainbow at shoulder level in his avatar... Yet the background looks very much like an area where it is illegal to remove fish from the water. And certainly I am not pathetic enough to kill wild native rainbows...
  10. Matt Smith

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    I will answer your question and put this debate to rest.

    Yes... Hunting is good.

    There, hope that helped you out. Any other ponderings you or your friends need help with?
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    I'm pretty naive when it comes to hunting/eating bears. But I am curious as to why it is "pathetic" to shoot a brown bear vs. a black bear?
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    As a matter of fact, I have shot mount worthy muleys, blacktails, and a bull that NONE have been mounted (which I had the money to mount, so wasn't why I didn't). I also had a 27# steelhead and a temporary 25# state record back in 97' chum salmon which I could've had skin mounted (and had the money at the time to do so as well) which I never did. So yeah, I can honestly say I wouldn't. I'm not out there for the mount. I'm out there for the experience or the meat to eat. Depends on how YOU were raised to hunt and fish. My Dad taught me to respect the harvest. We weren't big on pictures or trophys. We just went out there and enjoyed ourselves.
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    This thread is funnier than expected, specially with Colton and Rockets comment
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    Guys, the Bible is absolute truth, whether you choose to believe or have faith in it is completely your choice. I know I am no saint and have fallen many times over my life time but I have respect for all of you here, and when it comes down to it in the end I wouldn't to have any of you spend eternity in hell. Whatever you want to believe in is cool but all I can tell you is that there will come a day of judgement and when you are standing before your Creator, you can try and argue with Him about how the earth was made. Go ahead and tell him that the Bible is a bunch of stories and that we somehow evolved from the ameba and see how far that gets you.
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    Shouldn't religion vs science discussions be for another board? Hmmm. I'll start believing the genesis account when someone shows me a Precambrian rock formation with a bunny rabbit fossil in it.
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    Oh boy, you must be young and impressionable.

    Right. When you can prove to me that it's a fact, as opposed to a weak hypothesis/glorified--fairy tale, I'll bite. Do "Outside the box research guy." :beathead:

    Yet another reason for An Off topic Forum.
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  18. Porter

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    Yes, it should.
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    I guess I could believe evolution when the find the "missing link."
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    Ok, back on topic. Leave the religious debates to your PM's. Thanks.