Is it a mans fly fishing world??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaari White, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Sure, not apples to apples, but there is a point to me found... You'll find about as many guys at the average tuperware party as you'll find women on the average fly fishing trip....

    Oh, and I know my way around the kitchen better than my wife - so I don't get too caught up in the traditional roles. But I do agree with Wrench's post 100% - there are many wonderful difference between men and women. Unfortunately some guys never realise or learn to appreciate what those differences are.

    I also fish with my wife from time to time. We fished more often toghether when we didn't have 3 kids in the equation. But like Salt Dog was saying - the trip is just different. It is more 'relational'. You are actually expected to talk. When I fish with guys, we can go all day and just talk when there's nothing else to do - like on the drive to and from or when traveling down the river in the boat between fishing stops. Heck, a dog is a better companion most of the time, the big difference is, he can't help pay for gas and he could care less about the big one that got away...
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    Tell you what! come to utah and i'll fish with you. now there's an offer that's tough to refuse;)
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    I didn't go through every post. Been too busy this last week, and missed it when it was first posted. But read a page or so. I don't know your Dad, but hopefully he backs out. Even if I paid for the trip already, I'd have to say "She goes or I don't". No reason at all. When I was married the first time, I tried like crazy to get my exwife to go on my Dad and I's yearly fishing trip. She never took us up on it. My new wife (weird to say that lol), has been on a couple of the weeklong trips with us (and we act JUST like we did when she wasn't there). I'd never tell her she wasn't invited, even if someone was to object (in fact, our other buddies wife now is a regular as well, Cheryl is awesome to have aboard). I don't think it's a male only sport. I just think it's a narrowminded individual who would exclude women from about ANYTHING he was involved with. So take it with a grain of salt. But my girlfriend is probably similar to you in the sense she is an outdoorswoman. She camps (and I mean outside peeing by a tree camp), breaks her own horses, bucks hay, cleans her own fish, does all her own things (I mostly cook for her though, LOL). So she's not a girlie girl at all. Been this way since she was little, and she's your age in fact.

    Ok, I know some of you hate seeing "dead fish" porn. But it's a great picture from a few years ago, and the fish were legally caught (and actually no bait was used to catch them). But they were keepers that we kept (and ate as well). A picture of my then girlfriend (now my wife of about 36 hours lol) and I with a limit of kings. Of course she caught the bigger one (and I caught a just barely adult king, which ended my fishing day, but helped me put her into her king). So thought it was suitable for this thread, proof that a woman can fish and should be respected enough to be admited to a fishing trip.
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    Gosh, maybe I was warped by my hippie backpacking days, but I've always found women to make trips in the outdoors more enjoyable rather than less. It definently brings a different vibe to a trip.

    I won't say it tones the rowdiness down though. I've been on a few rafting trips with girls that would make Keith Richards look like a teetotaler.

    Maybe it is a generational thing, but I suspect the discomfort some guys have with women on trips is more cultural (or even good-old-fashion cave man instinct). For some guys, hunting and fishing is the last bastion of "tradition" and a connection with the past. A bit of connection with the past, when men were the ones who brought home the meat. Of course, that is probably pure fantasy, but oh well.

    The presence of a woman on a trip destroys the illusion.

    Anyway, its not Canada, but if you ever want to come to Oregon and fish the Deschutes, I'll be happy to share a trip with you.
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    Hey sorry, that's the way the world is. I was comparing it to an event that women exclude men from. Tupperware was the first thing that popped in my head as I got kicked out my house for 3 hours not too long ago so my sister in law could sell the stuff. Similar to the Ladies locker room, men get excluded from things they would like to be involved in all the time. It's a two way street. You were not the organizer of the fishing trip. Unfortunatly, you have no say in the matter. I don't know your pops but I'll give him the benifit of saying he probably had no (real) say either. Hell, if It were my trip I'd invite you. I've been on fishing trips with women present quite a few times. The only real difference is you are 100% guarenteed that at least the woman will actually remember to bring a roll of TP and 99% guarenteed it will be the nice soft quilted kind. :thumb:

    If they don't want you around, Fookem, It's their loss. And for the record, gladware sucks.;)
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    CWU Girl,

    Sorry about what has occured. I wish more women fished, it would make shopping during the holidays a lot more fun for both sexes.

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    Which one is that?
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    The Washington Fly Fishing Club, an all men's club, was started in 1939, and is the oldest club in the state and at one time was the largest in the state. I believe it typically has about 170 members. Based out of Seattle.

    The Northwest Women Fly Fisher's is an all women's club, I'm not sure when it was started, and is based out of Seattle. I believe it may be the largest club in the state now, or close to it, with a membership count comparable to that of the Washington Fly Fishing Club.

    Both are very successful and respected.

    There are many family clubs, and as noted above, a club only for women and a club only for men. Something for everyone!! :thumb:
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    That's interesting. I just looked all over the WFF website and there is no mention of the exclusion. I'd have never guessed.

    I'm already active in another club so not looking to join, it's just a little surprising to me that in this day and age such barriers still exist.
  10. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    In today's litigious climate, seems to me that's probably not the sort of thing you'd want to commit to print and risk the unwelcome attentions of someone like the ACLU.

    Richard should be able to shed more light on the practice - he was president several years back.

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    I don't understand the comment " . . . shed more light on the practice . . . ?"

    If you mean what I think you mean, some private organizations have certain rules. The Northwest Women Fly Fishers allow only female members; the Washington Fly Fishing Club allows only male members; the Overlake Fly Fishing Club is a family club; the Boy Scouts only allow boys (at least that I know), and the Girls Scouts only female members (at least that I know), etc.

    So . . . :confused:
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    It would have been great to know it was a men-only club before I signed up for their casting class.
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    "Jackhole" is well named...alot of "reasons" for his attitude have been discussed. He's a dinosaur.
    "Douchbag#1" obviously caved into the bottom line, since Jackhole is his "best customer" you know DB#1's true colors....I remember an in-depth article from a '72 or '73 issue of National Lampoon that stated, "The key to successful salesmanship can be summed up in one word: blowjob." Next time you see DB#1 pucker your lips and throw some kissy noises his way.

    Too bad your Dad didn't support you more. Oh well...all I can offer is to let it go. You are not the target here.

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    Hey Jerry, I thought you just got married???? Does your wife know you have a girlfriend?;)
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    Incidentally, Northwest Fly Anglers is a co-ed and kids club that may be the best outing club on the west coast. They really have a great time. Carol and I have been members for several years. It seems that this whole thread has gotten away out of control. After all, it is just fishing; nothing more. Anyone, male or female, should be able to enjoy it. And, if someone really looks around for someone to fish with, he/she will find him/her. In reality, we don't really need to have a regiment of fishing partners. Just a few good ones of either sex will do very nicely.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
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    All the men around here only care about 2 things: Flyfishing and if you want to go on a fly fishing trip you had better be a stripper!!!!!

    j/k ;)

    No it isn't a mans flyfishing world anyway. Those guys are a bunch of @$$holes.
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    Personally, I would love to have a woman come along with my fishing trips. I know true sportsmen enjoy when someone, doesn't matter the gender, can aid in finding fish and truly enjoy the company of a good fisherman, in this case, fisherwoman! In life as well, I know most sportsmen would like their own spouses to come along. I feel you are being hosed on this issue and it is time to find a new group of fly-fishers. :beathead:

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    Damned, busted already. Meant "girlfriend" in regards to the picture being taken, so threw me off. LOL. But yes, girlfriend=wife now. :thumb:
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    is jackhole married? could this possibly be his (and buddies) one time a year they get to revert to being 18 year olds and somehow felt that having a woman around might dampen their binge drinking, smoking doobs and cigars, and limit their "can't do this at home" type behavior? That they wanted to be out of sight of a female observer?

    just a guess about poor emasculated Jackhole's life. geez, did I say that out loud?

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    I'm thinking this whole deal would be good fodder for the Oprah Show:D Either that or Dr. Phil.