Is it feasible to learn how to row a drift boat by myself on the Yakima?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chris Puma, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Chris - what did you end up doing?
  2. I made another thread asking if anyone wanted someone to row for them which lead to floating the Yakima numerous times with people from the forum. Everyone was extremely helpful with rowing, laid back, and damn good at fishing... I definitely could have not asked for any more than that! I'm doing good job at rowing & I can keep the boat in a good position to the bank. I definitely need to work on efficiency in regards to making my oar strokes impact the position of where I want the boat to move. The dropping flows have made rowing 100x easier. Rowing now compared with 4 weeks ago makes for a relaxing day on river!

    Currently, I'm looking to buy a used boat in the fall. When I get it, everyone who's extended an offer is more than welcome to a full day on river with no intentions of them getting near the sticks.

    If anyone else wants to float, my offer definitely still stands. %%c

    Biggest bitch about rowing are the two blisters on my hands when I get off water.
  3. Those blisters will become calluses before you know it!
  4. And the itch to row will be replaced by the itch to sit in the front seat.
  5. too much itching!
  6. when I floated the yak there were two girls in a maypop and no oars, they did allright, I'd say the yak is a great place to learn to row. I'd run it once before you took people though
  7. In my younger days, the early 70's, we would work all day in the field haying, or working in the orchards, then grab our innertubs and float from Weimer cut to Roza. You can't find a better place to learn how to work a drift boat. Just remember that every river will be unforgiving under certain circumstances.... pay attention, you will be ok.

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