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  1. I have been fly fishing now for a few summers and I have to say Im not really getting a whole lot better at catching fish. I have gotten some great advice on this forum. I have spent most of my time fishing the south fork of the snoqualmie at exit 34 and I get skunked alot. I know I should head east closer to exit 45. Has anyone had good luck fishing around this exit or is it just me??? Thanks Jason
  2. Its not you, its the body of water you choose to fish...try the cedar river if your feeling trouty
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  3. I can't tell you where you'll catch fish but if you're getting skunked a lot at one place maybe you should stop at a different exit.
  4. There are tons of little fish all throughout the sno, but a fly in the water doesn't catch very many if you are not consistently putting it in the strike zone, focus on you mending, Get your nymphs down deep and your dries drag free then you will see results. And it takes a few times walking on over and spooking fish before you realize where they really are... Or at least thats my advice based on your fairly vague question. Good luck.
  5. Exactly this. Putting yourself in front of active fish does way more than choosing and presenting a fly. I'd spend a season focusing on timing and location. Probably the best thing you could do is go with some more experienced guys, even hire a guide if you need to and spend a day getting coached.
  6. It depends to what time of the day you are going out. The S/F fishes better in the evening. Caddis Flies, small Adams, Stimulator, And Royal Wulffs. Get the picture.
  7. If your budget allows, consider hiring a guide. There is no doubt in my mind that the investment is well worth it -- particularly split with another. You not only shorten your learning curve considerably (casting, fly selection, reading water, learning sections of rivers, etc.), but you catch more fish.
  8. Im going to get a lesson from Creekside Anglers on the water to help read the water better and learn from someone who knows what there doing.
  9. Geez Tim, I thought you would have said go hit a Lake. :D
  10. I catch tons of fish on the South Fork...head lower down on the river, you are too high up. It's not as beautiful down lower but you'll find what you're looking for fish wise.
  11. There is a access just off the freeway from exit 32. You will have to search around for it as I'm not to sure I could tell you how to find it. I have only been there twice so, but good luck.
  12. I'm with Pat. I'm sure by now Jason can cast well enough. But fly fishing is a lot more than fly casting. My first two years were on small streams. Where you can tell when you've waded through a fish lie and often see when you've spooked a fish. Also, many pools are small enough that you don't even wade into them to fish the whole thing. So it's like seeing all the geography of trout pool in one vista. So I learned not to wade in the wrong places (most of the time), locate likely fish spots and mend line in those first couple years. I see videos on Youtube all the time where guys (who look like they've been at it awhile) are throwing good casts and not mending!?! Needless to say, most of the fish they catch are small and on upstream casts where a current seam doesn't mess up the presentation. I once fished with such a guy. He had MORE fly fishing experience. We were fishing a pool with a back eddy on the opposite bank and a fast, narrow seam right down the middle. I was throwing to the front of the eddy and making three or four mends on a ten foot drift. My buddy asked me "Why do you keep flipping your line like that? Just leave it alone." On the third cast I hooked the twenty incher that lived there. This was my buddies spot. He told me he never caught a fish like that at this creek. Gotta learn to fish. Having the stuff and making the cast is the barest beginning of the effort.
  13. I just fished the SF last night and this morning at tinkham. I definitely came away feeling glum. My dad managed five fish in the 6-10" range last night but I didn't even get a bump. Neither of us saw any sign of fish this morning.

    So it's not just you, it's a difficult river to fish I think. It's also been running higher than optimal, at least from what I can tell from other posts.
  14. Did you ever stop and think that maybe it's the odor coming off your hands and transferring the same to your flies. Try washing your hands before tying on a fly. Carry some handy wipes along, or hand sanitizer.

    I fished with a buddy once on Lake Como in Montana. I was using the same set up as my buddy was and casting to the same spot yet he managed to catch fish and I didn't. I gave up and quit.
  15. Im going to get some help on the fishing part with a lesson from a guide. I realize that gear is gear and if you dont know what your looking at your wasting your time.
  16. I've never had a regular fishing partner that was more experienced. I've been considering a couple of guided days just to glean pointers and tips. "I" think I'm doing alright after about a dozen years. But a real fly fisherman could probably air out flaws on me all day. It's a matter of budget though.
  17. My wife got me a fathers day present of 2 hours with a guide so Im going to try to learn as much as I can. It is expensive and not something I could afford to do very often.
  18. SF Snoqualmie has been difficult due to flows. It fishes best, particularly with dry flies, when the flows not only come down, but also settle down. There's still snow up there that's melting off. Check out this chart, and note the last couple days of hot weather.

    USGS/USBR Stream Flow Gauge:

    See the big evening spikes when the melt from the hot day has made it's way down? Yeah, not good. Weekend before this one I was up there and stubborn with a dry at first, I resorted to nymphing and got a few fish. When things are optimal it's usually 20+, 30 even 40 or more.

    Looking at how much snow is left, I think the Sno basin creeks and small rivers will be in good shape in a couple weeks. I like it below 250 up there, and between 125 and 200 is stellar.

    I go up there quite a lot. I'm actually a big fan of certain stretches well above exit 34. I like to tie on a #14 elkhair caddis and unless a prominent hatch occurs, that fly is the only one that gets fished.

    Send me a pm, let me know what your July fishing opportunities are, and maybe we can work out a date where I can fish it with ya. I can absolutely without a doubt point out everywhere in that stream where there are fish ... they're freakin all over - just about every "fishy" spot holds fish on the upper river. :D
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  19. Thanks for the explanation Jim. I went out there this weekend knowing that conditions were not ideal but I was hoping for a little more action. I think I'll hold of before going back, and then probably just try to fish in the evening, since the morning seemed to be a bust.

    I'll be keeping an eye on the flows, now that I know a little more what to look for.
  20. Not just evening. Think noon+... when the water warms a little they start looking up. Attractor patterns are the ticket, but don't go big as they won't fit in their mouths. Mostly small fish. My largest has been a 13" westslope on the upper river. There are bigger fish near North Bend but not as plentiful, and it's a less enjoyable scene if ya know what I mean.

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