Is Munn Lake open?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Rob Hardman, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Never been there and was thinking of heading down tomorrow to try it. The regs say it's open year round, but this link says it closed Oct 31.
  2. I would tend to side with the regs. To be safe you may want to call the Region 6 WDFW office at (360) 249-4628
  3. Open year round, and it's fishing well from what I hear.

    If nothing else works, hang a san juan worm a few feet off the bottom.

  4. Great! Thanks, Matthew.
  5. Oh yeah. Page 64 of the current regs has it listed as year round.

  6. I fished there about 2 months ago and fishing was slow. Not saying thats how it is now but I found that the water was really dark like coffee colored. Not a big fan of waters like that. Fish cant see as well.
  7. That's some old regs! It's year round, selective gear, no motors and catch and release. Great chironomid lake! Chase away powerbaiters!
  8. One day I'll have to fish it with you Steve.
  9. Those powerbaiters sit right by the selective fishery sign and play pretty dumb when you mention the regs.

  10. Munn lake trout like to eat chironomids Ira! ;)
  11. You should see the new patterns I've been tying. New level man, new level.
  12. Steve has a new balance attractor fly too I personally witness 50 plus takes one day Ira
  13. Ask Steve how many of those takes resulted in hook-ups :) [ I think he tied that new pattern on a rubber hook]
  14. WDFW's water access page was updated and it now shows Munn Lake open year-round.
  15. Rodney you just had to go an expose the finer points of that fly
  16. Okay Rodney...the gloves are off! Lose any bobbers lately?? No more free flies for you Rodney. :mad:
  17. I don't miss many takes with my patterns, just saying. It is time we fished again Steve.

  18. You're not as old as me Ira! Just you wait.....I think I'll start counting my misses instead of releases, I'd have some big number days!! Now that's sporting.:cool:
  19. Thats not a bad idea. Most likely a bette indicator (pun intended) of the fishing anyway.
  20. You are truly getting wiser with you old age, I am going to start counting each of casts as "hook-ups" so I would be guaranteed to have big numbers too.

    Competition brings out the worst in all of us. LOL

    I can't wait to get back out on the water so I can gain some more experience. it sucks to get outfished by a man using rubber hooks:mad:

    And no, I haven't lost any bobbers lately.

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