Is Poetry Scary?

Discussion in 'Arts and Literature' started by Skip Enge, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Well played Skip. I'm not the friendly moderator, I'm the mumbling one. Often mumbling silly rhymes, songs, poems or instructions to myself. In fact, my yammering to myself while others could not make out what I was saying is how my nickname Mumbles came to be. Most would say I talked constantly to myself because no one else would. They'd likely be right. I'm out there alright, I'm out there.
  2. You have nothing to worry about unless you start an argument with yourself and the police must be called.
  3. I'm in love out! it's only been 38 years...holy crap...forgive the following poetry...of what was...
  4. Serenity Lane

    The lane

    I walk down,

    Quiet, pastoral,

    Haven of true self.

    Help me to

    Find strength.

    Where no bright

    Light illuminates.

    Yet a path is lit

    With striped light

    And emerging

    Self awareness.

    Free from pity

    And gratuitous pain.

    This cluttered clay;

    Living in

    The triumphant

    Cradle of now.

    I have been through some shit, the only difference between you and me is that I have written about it to heal...
  5. Sorry ahead of time...

    Like Care Love

    Fear of falling,

    In fear of might

    This man’s plight



    Just plain confused


    What to like

    What to care about

    Who to love

    Thought these were

    Just tones

    Of affinity



    Akin, Related

    And integral



    I don’t know

    at all

    How like,


    Or love

    Are not

    Just passing

    Flavors and scents,

    Memories of frailty

    And human tendency

    Yet to understand.
  6. Back on topic...

    Promises Broken

    It has been too many years
    Since I fished it…
    This little black jewel
    Favorite little river
    Near the coast
    At the cusp of salt
    That I have loved

    For decades now...
    Inconsequential it seems?
    As it has been
    To my surprise eviscerated
    With clear cutting
    Silt run off
    Filling holding water

    Convinced that I need
    To be more aware
    Get more active
    Be an advocate
    for things I love
    I feel ashamed
    That I didn't know...

    Did anyone speak up?
    In the din of quiet…
    It created jobs in the woods…

    The new green is
    The color of mud and sand
    Toppled trees and under story
    Of devils club, scrub alder
    And Himalayan blackberries...
    And a sanctity
    Of promises broken.
  7. Re: "putting myself out there and all..." I do it regularly with no shame...Ha! Fell in love again only the second time in this here goes


    It just happened
    One bright day
    A beacon of light
    Her hair

    She walked
    From the shadows
    I wasn’t aware

    I hear music
    It teases me
    Maybe a cello
    It was something
    My ears couldn’t see.

    She walked
    From the shadows
    And music played
    Creating a path
    For a life

    This bright day
    She walked
    From the shadows
    In a beacon
    Of light.


    Moon Halo

    The moon
    Settled high
    With no stars
    In the sky

    Mars is
    On the rise
    Venus too
    To my surprise

    There is
    A moon halo
    Just so
    I can see it
    In afterglow

    Silence beckons
    I hear a loon
    Under that halo
    'Round the moon

    a fulfilled heart.

    Everything is a transition...upon completion a new beginning, illuminated by the light of hope and reluctant ambition...

    When Morning Falls

    I met someone
    She caught me
    I caught her
    And I know
    She’s the one.

    When we met
    It all clicked
    A kiss and
    The die was set.

    When Morning falls
    I embrace the
    Thrill of it all

    When the morning falls
    I breathe for
    The look
    In her eyes

    We never knew
    Mending wounds
    Of past
    By and bye’s

    I look into
    Her eyes
    Say goodbye
    And wait
    For her call.

    I got it bad
    My friends
    Amazed by

    By messages
    she sent..

    When Morning falls
    I embrace the
    Thrill of it all.

    When Morning falls
    I breathe for
    The look in he eyes.

    When we met
    It all clicked
    A kiss… and
    The dye was set

    When the morning falls
    I breathe for
    The look
    In her eyes

    When morning falls
    when morning falls

    When morning falls
    The look in her eyes

    I love you Ellen

    I know she has something

    to say in a brake of banter
    But she is so patient
    To listen with all I can't hear

    so why am I so insistent?
    Cause I am too busy
    With testimony of my love?
    She can't get a word in edgewise

    Yeah that's the insistence of love
    Too much to say, too much to feel
    Pleading to express all the thoughts
    That are so real

    Listen to me , he said
    As I go off in total unconstrained
    Effusive , rebellion even pained
    Knowing full well i am over the top

    Yeah well when a love is so real
    I just can't stop...ever stop
    What's wrong with me , he said
    Say it or ya gonna pop!

    A love so real you can't stop.
    Let her talk...Okay , hold that thought
    A testimony of love that is so fraught
    With feeling that can't be stopped...

    What to do?
    He said, with emotion uncontolled
    Hold back ? The heart that feels
    Untold...Nawww...let it out

    I met her a bit over a month ago, these were all written to her...I got it bad my friends and I haven't felt this good in a long, long long time...Ha!

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