Is this cheating?

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  1. Ive been experimenting with "reversed spiders" tied with mylar legs to combine movement with a bit of flash and had some success this summer. A comment about spinners on another board had me thinking why screw around with the frilly stuff and put some "real" flash into a reversed spider pattern. The problem was I didn't have any standard fly materials that really had comparable flash to a spinner or spoon. That changed Christmas morning when some very durable mylar ribbon came off one of the presents. An ugly first attempt, but I'm curious to see how those legs behave when the current is bending them back.

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  2. I read where...too much "flash" could possibly turn fish off.


    I'd be curious how it fishes and if you get a tug though.
  3. left over christmas wrapping?
  4. Sadly, yes.
  5. Did you get much leader warping around the tinsel?
  6. Wraping not warping
  7. All joking aside... I bet that thing would piss off a big brown in the spawn.
  8. I'd fish that.
  9. I dunno, haven't fished it yet. I'm guessing it won't be a problem but wouldnt be the first time I was wrong. I'm more curious to see how the mylar strips behave in the current. I'm hoping the material is stiff enough to resist drag at normal swinging speeds so the strips "flutter" and don't just fold flat against the body of the fly.

    And yes, "pissing off" would be the primary objective with this pattern.
  10. What is it?:eek:

  11. Hopefully a means of offending steelhead in the same way blue fox spinners do.
  12. Not cheating.....
    Here is a similar pattern I tied many years ago for the salt when I first heard about Kinney's Reverse Spider.
    I used holographic tinsel in place of the mallard. The body is gray dubbing with silver wire. It is ugly as sin but I caught resident coho and searun cutts using it.

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