Is this comedy or tragedy?

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Bradley Miller, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Ok. So Santa brought me a vise for Christmas. My computer monitor is next to my tying 'bench' (my desk).
    I've seen some work from the WFF community; and watched a few dozen youtube tying videos.
    And: PSFC set me up with my necessary tools and advice. So far so good. Now, though....
    my first attempts are so sad that I'm wondering if I should shoot video this for the amusement/education of the community or not. I mean really; so far I've dropped my clouser 'eyes' four times (still sifting through the carpet for the last one....) and can't believe people over fifty can actually do this. Maybe I should consider this as a blog.
    Or, maybe in an hour things will look better, but...............this is where I'm at. Eyejuggler, where are you?
  2. Stop focusing on outcomes. Revel in the process. This is the tantric yoga of fly tying. The process is the message.
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  3. Keep at it Bradley. It takes a while, but you'll get it soon. I have horrible hand eye coordination, but after doing a certain step (like whip finishing) many times I start to get some muscle memory and then it all gets easier. Sometimes I'll be having trouble with another step (like wrapping small soft hackles) and a trip to the fly shop to learn a specific trick helps.
  4. ........Fly tying is like child rearing: it's easy. And it only takes about 35 or 40 years
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  5. Ah Grasshopper, you will soon learn that it is the journey which is most pleasurable......
    And think of this: clouser eyes are easier to handle than just plain beads.
    You ought to hear them rattling in my vacuum cleaner
  6. Ah ok.
    Thank you all for your insights.
    Pittendrigh: I'm almost sixty and still rearing children. Now I get it.
    Patrick: I'm finding any excuse to visit my local shop is a good one. :)
    Jackd: Ah yes. Perhaps I should use chopsticks? :)

    Thank you all.
    Curiously,the son in law who bought me my set up stopped in while I was typing this:
    Nice times. We are going fishing soon.
    Community rocks.
  7. How many times have you pricked your finger on the hook?
  8. None, yet. But thanks for the heads up. Maybe my old carpenter fingers are hook proof?
    Ok. Edit. Yes. Five times in five minutes. Hm.
  9. To remedy this situation don't put the eye on the hook, keep it like an inch above it, draw your thread up to it, take one wrap over and around the eyes. Keeping the thread taunt pull the eyes, captured by the thread down to the hook and then bring your thread down on the opposite side of the hook and draw the eyes tight to the shank. Figure eight and a couple helicopter wraps, dab of super glue or zap a gap, job done. No more lost dumbells.
  10. Oh hell face it. You're at the age where your vision, dexterity, and coordination are beginning to go. And it only gets worse.
    So remember you're not doing finish carpentry work. You're tying flies for fun and to catch a fish that doesn't read the books written by fly tying gurus. While you're learning you'll possibly tie the greatest, hottest, fish catchingest fly of all time. But you'll look at it, look at a video and toss it. And we'll all be poorer for it. I tie CBFs and and LLFs. No two are alike due to my tremors and eye sight. Fish eat em. That's all that matters.
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  11. Ever notice how many essential components of the good life begin with the letter 'F', fighting, f*&^%$g, fotography, food, family and friends. Flytying too.
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  12. Super Glue... fixes the eye problem instantly. Failing that, small strips of Duct Tape.
  13. Seriously, I'm 61 one and started tying flies in my 20s. I still have problems. It's all just part of the game. There's a learning curve and I'm still learning. Breaking thread, forgetting the tail, screwing up the eye placement, losing beads... normal. Very few fly tyers are born... must of us have all gone down the same path.

    I use a small wrap material called New Dub... you can't buy the stuff anymore. So, when I run out of my supply, I'm out... It's kind'a fuzzy, like Velcro, so it can jump onto clothing and you unknowingly wear it around until it falls off somewhere. I lost an entire package worth of the stuff just the other day. Where it went is anyone's guess. Most likely, it jumped on my sweater sleeve or my pants or somewhere and made good its escape.

    And as far as the end results go... most of us are tying flies to catch fish... not to hang in a frame. Fish DO NOT examine your pattern to determine if it is tied well enough to eat. One of my fishing buddies is not the greatest fly tyer but his patterns still catch fish... many times, he catches more fish than the rest of us with his less than "perfect" flies.

    So, hang in there. It will get easier with experience.

    Now... I'm off to try and find that damned New Dub that successfully escaped.

    (oh, and the guys in the videos... this ain't their first rodeo)

  14. Okay; THATS funny. Thanks for the insight.
    GREAT cartoon. First good laugh I've had today. Love it.

    Edit: Every time I look at this cartoon, I laugh. Outloud. Again.
    I hope it's okay to print it out and frame it and hang it over my 'workstation'.
    Tooooo funny. Thanks.
  15. Bradley I think the best way to learn is to sit down with someone who can tie and have them help you through the process. I like the video idea as well. If you live close enough, I'd be happy to help you out.
  16. The best thing that helped me when I first started tying was catching a nice buzz. Not shit housed, but just a nice easy pendleton, or sailor jerry buzz
  17. That's a funny cartoon, GAT!

    If I want to fool myself with nice-looking perfectly tied flies, I just go out and buy 'em.
    However, my sloppy-looking impressionistic concoctions seem to do OK in fooling the uneducated fish I seem to find in my local waters.
  18. As I've previously quoted my Dad when I started tying almost 60 years ago: "There are flies that catch fish & flies that catch fisherman." I gave-up on the quest for the "perfect pattern" years ago. Good advice offered above . . . hang in there. The cartoon speaks volumes . . .
  19. Thank you for the offer! I'm in Tacoma; so logistics are not working for us. But I appreciate it.
  20. Oh well, if THATS all it takes......I'm good to go.
    I've raised a bunch. :)

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