Is this comedy or tragedy?

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  1. Our local club has both beginning and intermediate tying classes over the winter.
    Great way to learn the mechanics, new techniques, and meet some new people.
    You might check in your area. Above all have fun catching fish on your own creations.
  2. Is shit housed a synonym for a 4a.m.otisotis?
  3. something like that!
  4. Did you guys know Pendleton is actually made in Hood River? ....just some booze triva.
  5. I also am just starting to tie and I am 58. It is a challenge, but fun. And I am enjoying it so far. I love the cartoon, how appropriate. I have set up a tying desk in the spare bedroom, that works well. I take my laptop and watch tying vids on Youtube, which is a huge advantge. I also have a tv to watch football or whatever. I went back there the other night to tie up a couple of Intruders. It was about 9pm. I looked up and it was suddenly midnight! And I had tied 3, count 'em 3 flies! Good thing I don't do it for a living.
  6. It's kind of cool, actually. Sort of a 'circle of life' kind of thing...tie the fly, visualize the presentation, make the cast, and see what the fish will do. Actually, my first fly looks rather good, hanging off of my monitor. How will it present itself in the water? Through the air? To the fish? Time will tell. Soon.
  7. I've been teaching flytying for awhile. And will tell you this, practice makes perfect (and sometimes permanent as one of my coaches used to say). More you practice, the better your skills will get. A teacher does help of course, but with enough videos out there, you can pick up alot of techniques pretty easy. I will openly admit, I just don't tie as much as I should, especially with the way our volume at work has been like since October last year. And it shows. Longer I'm away from the bench, the more I have to get at the bench to make my flies look "pretty" again. But guess what, those ugly flies will fish. But EVERY student I've taught (and all my teaching is done with Project Healing Waters now) start with a Wooly Bugger, and each one is it's own "work of art" LOL. I always tell them "Save that fly, because if you stick around you'll be amazed on how you've come along in a month or two". I have some students who could teach me now. They excel and go through the roof on their tying. But practice, practice, practice. If you have to, cut away the fly, and start over. But just keep at it. It'll get easier in time. :)
  8. Thanks, Jerry. I am sure that my first fly (a clouser) is one of those 'works of art'. However, it is also fishable; and if it should miraculously attract and catch a fish, well then........I will post here and say.... ' sometimes the imperfection IS the art....'
    (Something I heard at a funeral yesterday). Anyway, I am very happy to add another dimension to the life of flyfishing. And: I can keep my feet warm, listen to music and drink a little single malt all at the same time. Life CAN be good. Woot.
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  9. Remember Cameron and Zen, they must have moved on, two young kids with very good skills
  10. I remember a Cameron but not a zen. We get so many that come through. Some come and go for the day before I show up a lot of times.
  11. There are two types of fly tyers, in my opinion. There are guys like Big E who turn out artwork that catch fish, from the bench every time and then there are other guys like me who are hacks. I'm admittedly attention deficite. I can usually tie one or two flies at a sitting and I get restless. During those one or two ties, I make a lot of mistakes. My flies are not pretty so I don't post pics of them but they do fish and that's my only salvation in tying. If I'm going on a trip, I have to start months in advance to have enough flies. I'm already working on my flies for a late June trip to Mexico. Yes, it takes me that long.:mad:
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  12. Thanks a lot for the compliment but I don't see it that way. I class myself as an "experienced hack"...there are many far better tiers than me on WFF. There are plenty of days where I just put shit on a hook and try new things my pile of flies for the razor is what you could call a mound. I'm definately not any better than you.
  13. See, that's the difference between a tier and a hack. I don't have a razor pile. I probably still have the first fly I ever tied. In fact, I know I do. I tie something and put it in a box. If I don't use it, I still have it. Some day, I'll buy a box of razor blades and go to work on my flies. I have gotten better but almost nothing I tie is worthy of a photo. I'd like to be better but I can't concentrate on the process long enough to make every tie worthwhile. I'd love to tie Atlantic Salmon flies but I believe I'd go crazy about half way through.:) I do catch fish, however so I guess there is a "hack payoff".
  14. I teach fly tying to kids 9 to 13, do I do because I am generous and kind? Not really, I am a bit more selfish than that. At 73 years old I need all the practice that I can get. Helping kids learn to tie keeps me up on the basics and lets me practice twice a week that I might not do without without their help. So we both get something from the exercise, plus I get to meet some really nice kids and just maybe when I am really old and feeble some of them might come and move the snow out of my drive way. To the original poster, look for a fly club around your area. There must be a gathering of like minded people there.

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