Islands off of Chambers Creek area..?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by quadradomus, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Does anybody have any experience fishing from any of the beaches off of any islands straight out from the Chamber's Creek area? I don't post much on this forum, and people on here are VERY tight lipped at least in public posts about their beaches. Therefor that is why I am so vague on locality. Of course I understand the tight lips, etc.
    I have been to a public beach on one of these islands. It is little involved getting there, and therefor you could expect prob. no beachcombers, etc. this time of year..... DANG it looked fishy! It would be a committed day trip for me to do it, as I live in N. Seattle.
    Anyway, if you fish in this general area, send me a PM, and we can compare thoughts. There are a couple island lakes as well. They appeared extremely clean, as you'd expect. Wondered about tubing them some time after some SRC beach fishing.
  2. Roger Stephens Active Member

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    I fish out of a boat and there are two beaches on Anderson Island that can be very good for sea-run cutthroat and coho. I don't think that there is access to the beach shoreline at these locations. Other than those two locations IMHO the beach fishing is not very productive.

    Mc Neal Is. has a sexual offender prison on it and is posted to keep off the beaches plus there is no ferry service except for prison employees.

    Ketron Is. has ferry service to it but beach access is probably not possible unless you have a boat. Tidal current on the south and north ends of the island sets up real nice and has some good bottom structure particularly at the south end.

    Fox Island has some good beach fishing but here again beach access is probable difficult to find.

    If you don't have a boat, beach fishing from these islands would probably be tough.

  3. Steve Rohrbach Puget Sound Fly Fisher

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    Roger and I have had some experience with the keep out posting at McNeal. Fishing was awesome until we were hailed to get the hell out.
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    Ketron has about 20 residents on it. Their pretty territorial unless invited.
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    OK Roger, you said it first.... Anderson Island. Ya, there is one SHWEET beach out there. Oh well, don't know if it was your more productive beach as you mentioned. I'll have to give it a try. I realize the other two islands are either extremely private, or extremely "High Security" lol. Thanks for your input on this though.
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    I got yelled at again this past summer so you might want to think twice before fishing with me in the future;).

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    Mcneil Island prison has been shut down since 2011. I'm sure it will be prime real estate in a couple years, it has beautiful scenery and beach front.
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    You are correct that Nc Neil Is. does not have general population prisoners since 2011 but the island still has approximately 250 sexual offender prisoners there. Before 2011 the prison had a boat and vehicles patrols to keep the public away from the island. A friend administered the sexual offender prison there until he took another job two months ago. The sexual offender prison is still operational according to him but they now do minimumal vehicle patrolling.

    Agree that it will be prime real estate in a couple of years and has beautiful scenery and beach front. There is also a large lake on the island that supposedly has large fish in it which is rarely fished.

  9. Steve Saville Active Member

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    It will be prime real estate IF the feds decide to liquidate the asset. But until that happens you don't want to be walking around on the beaches as that can get you in big trouble. Ketron Island used to be private. I'm not sure what the status is now but you need a boat to get there, opbviously. Anderson Island still runs a ferry and there's a bridge to Fox Island. They all should hold fish but beach access is a major issue.
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    McNeil island is pretty well posted
    "Stay 100 yards off "
    Tough to fish with those rules
    I scoped the area today
    Beautiful but skunky