ISO: Whatcom County lessons/classes?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by lost, Mar 4, 2011.

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    I don't know how to fly fish - Friends have said they'd show me how, yet hasn't happened. I wondered whether anyone knew of a formal class or lessons in fly fishing in or around Bellingham - or driving distance. Thanks, LOST
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  3. wet line New Member

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    It can seem overwhelming at first but there are some things that will help. Mainly reading.

    An excellent book to pick-up is "Trout Rigs & Methods" by Dave Hughes. It pretty much covers the full spectrum of freshwater fly fishing for trout. His explanation of how to cast is put forth in a very simple to read format. He covers rod selection and lines and what flies to use along with many different ways to present your offering to fish in both moving water and lakes. He also covers in great detail how to read water for finding fish and approaches to use in many different situations.

    There are many good books to select from. But for an over all broad brush approach I consider this one to be the best I have found and is a key element in my collection of flyfishing books.

  4. Joe De Luna Member

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    I would also add

    For example, fly fishing lessons from the UK without ever having to buy a plane ticket, let alone boarding a plane.

    Happy Fly Fishing!
  5. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    I'm sure you will find that there are other answers that will come for you, The friends that told you they would help must not fish or they wouldn't have done that and there are bound to be shops in your area or clubs. I'm not that familiar with that enough to help. Keep looking it's worth it. Try the contents list in the front here.
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    Scott Christensen has some awesome classes. He teaches through the Community College (or maybe Vo-Tech-check both out). He is also giving a casting clinic this spring through the 4th Corner Fly Fishers-date TBD. Also, visit the club any month 4th Thursday of each month-again check the web site. There are a lot of guys there with a passion for teaching! Rick
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    I took a fly casting lesson from Ed at Cascade Expeditions. I highly recommend him!
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    Just noticed that Christensen is teaching the following classes at Whatcom Community College next month:

    Fly Fishing: An Introduction - 4/2

    Fly Fishing: Beginning Casting - 4/16

    Fly Tying: Beginning - 4/12 & 4/14

    These are a good way to learn the basics and meet others in the area.
  9. faulke bozone transplant

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    WWU offers a fly-fishing class in the summer. They'll teach you how to cast, tie a couple patterns, and you'll even learn about basic freshwater ecology, hydrology, and fish biology. The class culminates in a camping trip to some great water (we hit the Upper Skagit at Ross Lake I believe). The teachers are very knowledgeable and fun. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a student to take it also.
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    I have to agree with aaronk. Ed Megill at Cascade Flyfishing Expeditions has been teaching middle school kids in Blaine how to fly cast. He is a great instructor, very positive and very patient. Many of the kids can really get the line out there now.
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    Bump, Ed is a great guy.
  12. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    When I stop growing up, I want to be like Ed. That's the straight up truth. I'd hire him. Plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

    Go Red Sox,
  13. sunshine3 New Member

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    Thank you for inquiring about fly fishing lessons. I have been researching the same thing and now I know about a guy named Ed, classes at WCC and the book "Trout Rigs & Methods.". Networking is Awesome!
  14. sunshine3 New Member

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    I don't know if you read my post today but I was wondering if you still thought I should contact Ed to start learning to fly fish. My husband is an excellent fisherman and I have always wanted to learn. He is not patient enough to teach me and I would rather learn on my own anyway as not to burden him.As a little girl I always fished with my dad but not fly fishing. We are going to Montana with a guide to fish next summer. It is a trip we won the bid on at a Big Brothers Big Sisters Auction. I know I will need waiters etc. but don't really want to pay a guide to tell me that kind of info. Any suggestions on where to start ?
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  16. Terry Bare Member

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    after taking a lesson on casting find a cheap line and practice in the yard all you can. Practice will help you with a number of things including keeping your loop tight, your timing and make it more comfortable to fish around others.
  17. Ryan Singh-Cundy Member

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    I would have to agree with those people who said youtube, i made the switch from gear about 4 years ago after trying a fly rod with my brother in law, after that i was on my own and basically learned how to cast from youtube, i brought my laptop out onto the lawn with me and watched videos and then tried it myself, after a bit of this i hit the water and fell in love with it. Have fun, its addicting.
  18. FT Active Member

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    Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon (well within driving distance of Bellingham since it is only 25 miles) has a full quarter's class in basic fly fishing this coming quarter. It is taught by very experienced fly fishermen from the area that are members of the local fly fishing club and meets one evening per week beginning in January. Look it up on-line for the particulars about cost, when it meets, etc.
  19. JRSly Oncorhynchus clarki clarki

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    Go into Mayberry Sports on Cornwall. They have a couple people that teach casting, and tying lessons for a really good price.

    I might as well mention this here, but I am going to teach classes for the parents who have children at River Run School, if by some chance you do.

    If you have the money the flyfishing class as WWU is a lot of fun. Before I started working at AK West I helped with that class a lot, it is a blast, and the upper Skagit is awesome!