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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Steffan Brown, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Mysteriously, the thread posted yesterday about the confrontation on the Skykomish over the weekend has disappeared. Is it just me? I would just like to know the reason why? Is that going to be commonplace on here now? Meaning, as soon as two parties disagree about the way things happened, the thread is going to be shut down? Maybe I missed something. I'm assuming that is what happened, since I can't seem to find a trace of that thread anywhere. Maybe it got so heated after I turned away, that it self destructed... Just curious.
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  2. The value of a website is content. If content doesn't add value to the site, it's pretty reasonable that the owner or moderators remove it. That said, I don't think WFF is at risk of becoming an Ifish.

  3. I would think that the op requested it be removed for somewhat obvious reasons but that is only a guess.
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  4. Thanks Salmo. You are always insightful. However, I was actually finding the topic in that thread to be full of valuable content. I promise, I'm not saying that to stir the pot. I mean it. It's really interesting to me how two individuals can come away with an experience on the river to be so negative on both sides. Furthermore, prior to the rebuttal on the initial complaint, I thought some people shared sage advice on why not being a douche on the river is worth your time. Removing the content completely, doesn't make sense to me. I could see how it could be heading down the path of shutting it down, but just plainly removing it before anything really useless happened seems a bit apprehensive or fearful. Just my opinion.
  5. That post wont be wasnt informative, it was inflamatory, and the OP kind of got caught with his foot in his mouth. If you like drama theres plenty of reality programmin on tv for ya. Hopefully no one needs the reasons for not being a douche bag spelled out for them
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  6. I had the whole thing removed.

    2 things I didn't expect to happen, happened. For one the other party not only owned up to the encounter under his real name and even described his rig. Secondly whether of defensive spirit or a true misunderstanding disputed a lot of the happenings. In hindsight I regret ever bringing it up I posted it because I thought it was funny and could bring some entertainment value but what I wasn't interested in was having a heated debate on a public forum with two people I don't know. Pretty lame. I pm'd both people involved and had good exchanges with both people privately as things like that are probably best handled.

    No hard feelings with anyone I think the entire incident was a series of misunderstandings on both sides. Anyways sorry for the flare up fellas! Lets get to talking about beads!
  7. Fair. It just seemed like the opportunity for a resolution wasn't given before it was removed. Obviously, I was wrong.

    Sean, thank you for sharing the background. I'm happy you guys worked it out.
  8. This is even better
  9. "a place of collective healing and vague nameless fishing reports"

    Please keep the wild fish off the rocks.
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  10. I'd be willing to let bygones be bygones , right after I see the map with directions to these secret holes!!!!!
  11. Just look for a lot of cars parked along side the road and follow the 3 foot wide x 1 foot deep path to the river. Viola! Secret fishing hole.
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  12. Gee Kerry, you just revealed the biggest secret in steelheading!
  13. Reported.
  14. Everytime I follow those trails I end up in a milking parlor
  15. Stop wasting your time and start looking for broken glass in the pullouts: well known river side pullout = well known honey hole = well known fishing rig = tweaker score. Follow the crank and you will find the chrome!
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