Its Almost Skwala Time

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  1. so since this thread's been dredged back up, how'd everyone's patterns do earlier this year?
  2. This one worked pretty well


    Rogue's were good but a bit fragile



    This was the best combination of durability/visability/catchability


  3. Well Scott, I meant I'll have the materials within that time frame, and I'll tie it by then. It'll be a really cool lookin' fly. Instead of a #8 hook, I'll use a #10, do a dark olive body, and that should be it. This is what the Supernatural Stonefly pattern looks like. image.jpg
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  4. Hope you know I was kidding; that's a very nice fly.

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  5. I know u were kiddin'. Hopefully this years Skwala hatch on the Sacramento River here in California will be bigger, the Summer Stonefly hatch was pretty big this year, same for the pteronarcys. And actually Scott that MCM Foam Stone pattern; I got my idea for the Supernatural Stone from that pattern. I liked how the MCM was durable. I added antennae, tied in the legs in a different spot, used moose hair for the wings, and put Krystal Flash in the wings. How did you exactly do the extended body? Every different segment on the extended body I would whip finish, so it ended up being about 4 whip finishes on the extended body.
  6. was a good lookin fly indeed, i think i even remember the tree i left mine in
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  7. Never tried mine last year, as skwalas are a mythical Yakima hatch dreamed up to place some optimism in our otherwise dreary winters.

    I did ask Tim Irish one of the last times I got to see him if he thought an egg sac could work as a trigger for skwalas. He didn't think so, believing fish weren't wise to dry flies at that time of year and didn't have time to really inspect a fly prior to committing. He admitted a purple chubby chernobyl is all you really need, but he personally hated that pattern.
  8. Have to agree with Tim, the Purple Chubby is a killer during the Skwala hatch. I too hate that it works so well, as it doesn't "match" a Skwala very close. Right size and silhouette I's a shame that it can fish just as well as some of the beautifully tied and very natural representations of the adult found here in this thread.
  9. Presentation counts. ;)
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