It's dead around here..what's doing?

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  1. It's been kind of dead around here so I thought I'd throw out some stuff just for the heck of it..

    It's summer and I've been having fun with the dryline and different polyleaders...the clear intermediate tip at 10' on my w.a. 6wt 45' line has been a nice surprise...I have the floating as well but there are times when I wanted something in between a type 3 and floating line...been fun to hook a fish here and there and to feel the little guys tapping away as well....
    Rivers are open(ing) now so chasing summer runs is the game...can never complain about that..

    Other gear updates...blew up the Perfect taupo on a hot fish...Sent to Archuleta for stronger springs and it has made that reel a contender again...still perfect for trouties and bulls..but now able to handle a larger hotter fish...and the size and weight is perfect for the 12'6 6wt rods I got...

    Bought an Abel spey reel...and while a very pretty reel (steelhead graphic's) man I wasn't to impressed with the spring in it....Now I've been fishing Click & Pawl reels for awhile now...I've had reels with all different levels of tension and while this one felt OK when in the shop...when on a rod and casting it had about the lightest tension of any C&R reel I've owned...(In this size as my little baby hardys for single handers aren't much)....Why this bothered me was two fold....Fishing rivers that are smaller and droping...Fishing pockets against the bank while wading etc. When I got that distance down where I'm landing the fly just off the bank and letting it drop for the swing...the tension on the abel even turned up all the way, still let line out...this starts to really suck when your focused on your fly placement and then start hitting bushes or trees as more line sneaks out..
    Secondly, (If that's a word)...when a fish did hit and I set the rod to the bank...instead of hooking I got line run out....which aggravated me quite a bit~~~
    I found I had to hold my line tight when casting and fishing and I hate doing that as I want my fingers as light on the line as I can to "feel" the fly at all times..

    Another mistake was buying it off the internet from a company I hadn't dealt with before as I wanted to use paypal and sneak it into the house...guy said 14 day return policy and promised I'd have it by the weekend as I didn't have another smaller reel...That didn't happen and when I asked him about returning it...I was told that even though I only used it briefly (changed back to the taupo as arch got it back to me quick) that he wouldn't accept it back "used"....

    I have sent this reel now down to Archuleta to see if he can manufacture a sturdier spring for it and hopefully save this reel for me...

    I should add that I know other people with this reel and they didn't think the spring was that bad...I had the switch model briefly and it didn't feel anything like the one I got.....So who knows why this one was this way?

    A major lesson learned though for me is...I'll only deal with shops and guys I know from now on..Dah!!!
    and leave fleabay for what it's worth!!!!

    Last but not least this summer has been my own exploration of fly patterns and designs...I've been digging tying the more classic hook style of various buggy patterns but also doing some ties that involve small waddingtons in very buggy configurations....Kind of cool to see what's hitting what..

    Ok, That's all I got...
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  2. I'd like to see one of those buggy flies! As for me, I'm just waiting for some salmon to come in...
  3. The 10' intermediate poly is all I've been running for skaters and wets the last 2 years. Adds a little more stick to the anchor IMO and sits just under the surface film on a tight line... $$$

    Had an interesting WTF moment the other night after work. Walked into a well abused run on the local ditch. One gear guy at the top. Asked how goes it? And can I step in below you aways?.... He says have at it 4 gear guys just beat it to death with spoons no one got a thing. My buddy steps in first with 10' t8 and goodies. I follow with nearly the same rig but after a few casts decide to stop the sinning and put the dry line back on. I start firing away...

    I don't know when and I don't know why, but lately at the end of every swing I pop the rod straight back twice before stripping. It's a rythm thing a I think I have no clue. I get to the end of my swing and let my arm swing straight back and the reel barks at me and a foot of line slips off the hardy. "bull trout?" I strip a couple times and raise my rod and see a faint boil. Rod tip straight in the air I start cranking up what I think is a 14" dolly. No head shakes just a fish swimming towards me... A small fish. Maybe even a smolt.

    As head clunks into my guides the fish stops and after a couple cranks on the reel I'm finally ACTUALLY tight to something and it ain't small, couple big head shakes and it circles out into the current and a 8# hatchery hen chrome as they come rockets a few feet out of the water to me and my buddies disbelief. I drop the rod and decide maybe i should fight this fish? Small 10' burst into intense death rolls and bucking and size 7 AJ spey come flying back at me.

    Newb pwnage

    If you're gonna pop the rod on the hangdown, pinch your line to your cork just in case you set into a steelies lip. Doubt she realized she was attached to a Spey rod until the end and after I blew my chance at an actual hook set. I alternated between laughing and being pissed the rest of the night and my buddy wouldn't shut up about my rod pointed at the moon lazily cranking up a "shaker."
  4. Haven't been steelheading in several weeks, and the Cowlitz was still high then. No success. It finally dropped to summer levels this past weekend, but I was already up on Baker Lake trolling for sockeye. This week I'm packing my gear for an 8 day camping/floating/fishing trip on the Dean. Had to pick up some more permithrin to spray a couple fishing shirts and bandanas to help keep skeeters away. Now I'm weighing all my gear and food supplies to stay within my weight allowance for the helicopter ride in to the river. We'll see how that goes. Got to tie a few more flies, some big uglies in case the river goes out, and a few steelhead caddis for skating. The river is running a foot and a half higher than normal, but is clear as of a couple days ago. Hope to have a report in a couple weeks.

  5. You flying or driving to the Dean?
  6. You need 100 % deet for the Horse flies and no see ums.
  7. I'm building a couple of two handers (addicted to DIY) and planning a trip for my daughter and I at the end of August.
  8. Driving to Bella Coola, flying from there (Hagensborg airport) into the Dean.

    I use DEET on my exosed skin. Permithrin is the repellant/insecticide that is used on Buzz Off and similarly treated clothing. I also have a head net for times it gets really bad.
  9. Have fun SG. If you are going before this next monday, or after the 25th of Aug when I get back from fishing out atTofino, I would meet you in WL for coffee.
  10. Spending Sunday night in WL, leaving Monday morning for BC.
  11. Your a dog Salmo....
    I had a customer call me and asked if I could drop everything and fly in for a couple days? AND I COULDN'T as I got a wedding this weekend...Damn that pained me...

    Mathew..send me your email...i'll send you some pic's..
  12. GM65,

    I hope to report back in a couple weeks that I'm a lot worse than that.

    Fly in for a couple days is damn expensive fishing. Airfare is the same for however long one stays. It can be steep for 8 days, but that's the max they allow for us aliens.

  13. Are you staying with Dean River/Moose Lk Lodge, by chance?
  14. Getting things packed for a 10 day camping trip to the Dean. I'll be there Monday afternoon. Last year was stellar and from recent reports it looks like this year has more big fish. With luck the river stays in shape.[​IMG]
  15. Jeremy,

    No. DIY float trip.


    You'll get there a day ahead of me. Where are you going in at?

  16. Totems camp, just above the canyon
  17. Fishing as much as I can, tying flies when I can't fish, and getting ready to go the Rogue River in a couple of weeks with my wife for a vacation / fishing trip.
  18. Salmo, he has his own plane and lands it somewhere on the river...I pay the gas bill or around 300 he said...camping under the wings...Couldn't do it anyway..

    Your both and Ralf...From what my customer said, it's gotten pretty special....One day maybe but hard to ditch my own daughters
  19. The place has always been special. Only lottery steelhead river in BC. The first time I went, I thought it was going to be a once in a life time deal. But nooo, and now the fish are back so forget about that thought. If I eat K.D. all winter I can afford this camping trip, forget about the lodge thing...
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  20. just beware the wasps and horseflies. I got stung twice thinking I was swatting a horsefly

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