It's dead around here..what's doing?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Aug 1, 2012.

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    We'll be drifting to your spot on the 15th to fly out. If you see the OD Kodiak Water Master driven by a sun burned, skeeter bitten guy with a big grin, say hi.


    That's the way Buzz Fiorini used to do it, landing his float plane on the old Motel run. A couple friends managed Dean trips that way.

    There's no commercial fixed wing service into the airstrip any more, so going in with WCH whirlybirds is the only option for most folks. Makes AK Beavers on floats seem like a bargain.

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    We're out of there the day before, but stuck in Bella Coola till the next day because of flight scheduling... There will be others in camp though...

    The guys used to fly in via fixed wing at around a third of the cost...I've heard the Jerry Wintle story of clipping his wing on the bank making a water landing on the river and making repairs using tin cans...

    This was the third mountain pass the chopper pilot looked at trying to sneek in under low cover last year...
    Dean 2011 030.JPG
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    Hope you're able to fly straight thru this time instead of going around. I heard going around adds about 50% more to the flight time and cost.

    I only heard Jerry speak of landing on the beach near the mouth of the river, not in the river above the lower canyon. Maybe it was a river landing that caused him to land on the beach instead, plus they had truck access to haul everything up to the cabin. Fiorini put a hole in one of his floats one year on a river rock. They were able to pull it up mostly out of water and lever it up with some stout branches and repair with some improvisation and made it water-tight with duct tape.

    Have a great trip!
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    You too...can't stop tying wakers....
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    Hope you guys have a good trip...hell I know you will anyway..
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    Hope you guys are having fun on your trips. Out on Van-Island Lizzy and I landed a ton of pinks, and I hooked a huge king that I played for about 10 minutes before he decided he had enough fun. Broke off the 30# between my fly line and thingamabobber that I thought could make it two seasons..
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    Good call on the fishing the Rogue. Live minutes away from same. Numbers this year are off the chart for both Summer Runs and Spring Kings. Before Gold Rae was pulled out the fish would stack up down there and move up in 'bunches.' This year they're just motoring along.
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    Hey Fred, when do the half pounders run?
  9. Jeremy Floyd

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    Sept 15th is usually prime time for the Half Pounder rivers..
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    Just got back today...even if I didn't catch any fish I would still of had a great trip. Fished with 3 other guys, one of who fishes only his own grass rods. All great anglers and awesome company. All of us fished wakers exclusively . I don't think any of us even brought tips along...Can'y really describe it other than when guys fishing across from you using the more typical sunk big stuff switch up and give up ridiculous numbers because they have been watching you bring them up on waked bugs says something. Memorable moments: 4 huge grabs on one swing then finally the 20+ lber gets what she is after and takes 200 feet of line from the reel in about 4 seconds...or the fish that came back 8 times then made a home in the log jam but after dropping a bunch of slack line down finally left the safe haven of the logs only to burn out a couple hundred feet of line also..

    For the guys that think you need certain conditions to bring those fish up: they don't. This is one of those very special places that has some of the most surface oriented hardest fighting fish I have ever heard of. 12" will suffice and clear water will be nirvana. On the clear and sunny days I was bringing them up out of fast broken water that was around 8 or so feet deep and not your usual waking speed or depth water. I have to go to a few steelheaders anonymous meetings just to wind down from this one..
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    Very nice Ralf!
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    And that is why, as a non-res you pay the big bucks to go play. Everything about that river, but especially its surface oriented fish, puts it right up with the top fisheries in the world. If not the top.

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    Off the river Wednesday and home Friday, exhausted. Slept in yesterday and today. The scenery, setting, river, and fishing summed up in one word: unsurpassed. I will try and pen chronicles of the trip and post a few photos if I can recall how to do it.

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    I think guys like this should be cursed with little peckers...