It's official, I'm 100% converted to the dark side, err flyf

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  1. Five years ago fly-fishing was a 4-letter word to me. I vowed I would never fly-fish. The main reasons for the dislike of flyfishing were a few bad encounters with fly-fishers who thought they were Gods gift to fishing. Then 4 years ago someone gave me a old fiberglass rod and an old reel. I left this outfit at home the first year. Then for some reason, must of been the power of the dark side, I took the fly rod with me on a fishing trip. Well a few years and Sage, Orvis, Ross, vice and feathers later, I went on my first trip without the spinning rod. Mind you I haven't used the spinning rod for over a year, but I always had it for a back up. Just in case. Another one falls to the dark side.
  2. It's official, I'm 100% converted to the dark side, err

    Ahhhhhhhhhh...... Welcome...... In time the transformation will be complete.... Then we show you the handshake and give you the passwords...... Were not all bad, just that we have to have a few to keep the herd strong. These sentinals keep the unfaithful away and protect the secrets that in time you will learn. If it was easy, everyone would be doing this. Welcome to the dark side, you made the right choice... Greg
  3. It's official, I'm 100% converted to the dark side, err

    I don't mind any kind of fisherman, I just don't like seeing fisherman not having fun and not smile for 4 hrs of fishing next to them!
    This reminds me of when my friends buddy said that "rigging" for steelhead is a "Sin", jokingly of course. But I consider myself a "Complete Fisherman". Life is too short to let your ego get in the way of trying other techniques. I admit I rig for Steelhead, but that would be my last resort. I've made a deal with myself, If I don't catch a Steelhead on a Fly for 6 hrs straight, I will go to my Epixor Spinning rig for 2 hrs, then close the afternoon on the Fly.
    Some guys take Fishing tooo serious weather it be on a fly or rig, lets have fun regardless if you catch any fish or not, Geeez.
    "Too many Neanderthals and not enough Humans..."
    I have to admit thought that I found Fly Fishing is the Most Challenging,diciplined way of fishing. You CANNOT beat the feeling of a Giant Fish Slab on the other end with Nothin' but hook and line. You feel nothing but 99.999% Fish!

    "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of Men"
    Matthew 4:19
  4. It's official, I'm 100% converted to the dark side, err

    Yes grasshopper, it is always the same story. First there is the spinner, then the levelwind, and as each seeker finds their center of being, the skill and knowledge to become "Flyfisher" are gained and you enter the world of the magic wand, the fly rod!

    Well, that's how it was for me anyway. I started fishing for steelhead in the more traditional way's spinning with bait, spoons and spinners. Then moving to levelwind reels drifting corkies, yarn, bait, etc. Then got into spinners again with jigs and floats for several years. I caught fis on all of them too! And I made my own spinners, tied my own leaders, and jigs and always enjoyed the experience. But then one day..... I caught a steelie on an olive woolybugger!!....that was it! I've been hooked ever sense! I too took other rods and reels with me at first for "just in case" but never felt like going back for some reason. It's a curse, some might say, but not me!
    LB :COOK
  5. It's official, I'm 100% converted to the dark side, err

    The key to your story is that someone gave you a set up to get started. Fly fishing is an expensive sport to start into from scratch and I owe my starting to a supervisor of mine at a group home that we worked at. He had convinced the group home administrator that stocking trout in the pond on the property would provide recreation for the kids and a living science lab for the school. Because of this my first lessons in fly fishing and tying were taught by inner city kids on fly rods that they had purchased with the meager pay they received for their chores. These kids had very little to look forward to but they did look forward to tormenting those innocent rainbows in the pond. The moral of the story is simple. If some one is interested in the sport help them out any way you can.
  6. Not yet...

    Do you have your "Just say no to bait" license plate frame? How about the Royal Wulff tatoo???

    Welcome! :THUMBSUP

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