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  1. Saw a Smart Car on Middle Fork Road this evening. Wanna buy a 2 weight?
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  2. 40% pull off at the first trailhead, 30% pull off at the campground, and 20% hit the last trailhead.

    I'm going to be super optimistic here and say maybe 10% get off the beaten path?

    You should be alright. Just watch out for all the cougars.
  3. Reminds of a couple years back when the road was all messed up since it had not been graded yet.

    I am driving my truck and bouncing all over there place and cussing the road when way up by Taylor what do I see approaching ... A Miata.

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  4. Aren't they paving the MF road this summer? Road work Sign at the start of the road says they are and a lady at the SNO ranger station said it was due to be paved this summer. BUT very few that go up there fish.
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  5. Sounds about right, small fish, small car.

    Good thing is Smart is introducing a 4 x4 next year. The added carrying capacity will allow anglers to take their 3 wts rather then just their 2 wts.
  6. You people are spoiled. Paved roads up in the woods, What's next a 7-11 also.

    I can still remember when the road out of Index Up the N/F Skykomish was gravel. Also the road up the Beckler was gravel also. They went and paved them and it all went to hell up there. You can drive to upper Finny Creeek on a paved road.

    Here in Montana, when you get off a main road they are all gravel. I drove to fishing and back last weekend on all gravel roads. About 150 miles of dirt/gravel. No modern paved roads here.
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  7. Old Man, you'll probably not find many anglers who actually approve of the paving, nor who attended the USFS meetings in North Bend to express their concerns about it - but the kayak, birdwatcher, hiking, and meth lab building lobbyists sure did. Result - paved road. As it has already been said, it just takes a bit of hiking to get to the better water anyways.
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  8. In Old Man's day that hike was up hill... BOTH WAYS. Dag nabbit
  9. Yeah, now it's uphill one way and tumble down the other way :)
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  10. The North Fork road IS gravel once again, oh wise Methuselah. Spawning gravel. After the big flood several years back, the road IS the riverbed in several places now and probably will be until the next ice age.
  11. I would like to know what paved road you used to get to upper Finney. I have been up there everyway there is and the only pavement I saw was S. Skagit Hyway. I have used Finney Creek Rd, NF-17, NF-18, and Rocky Creek before it closed. None of them are paved. Lower Finney Creek is for about a mile.
  12. Finney Creek Road(FSR 17) breaks off from the S Skagit highway in the area where the Sauk dumps into the Skagit. The last time I was up there it was paved but slowing falling apart. This road meets up with the creek above Finney Creek Falls. FSR 2810 is paved a way up also. It used to go up along side the N/F Stilly up in the head waters. Now it only goes up to the washed out spot.

    I used to drive around all those roads up in there before they closed them all down with gates. Deer Creek, Day Lake, Day creek. All around the Spada Reservoir also. This was way before 9-11.
  13. How do those people that have property up towards Garland Hot Springs get up to their property.

    I know that those roads not being fixed is a shame. Blame the Forest service for that one. Never enough money. So what do they spend their money on if they don't fix the roads. Here's another paved road. The Suiattle river road is paved quite a ways up.
  14. I used to walk into a lot of places. Ebby lake for one., Monte Cristo lake when the pass was closed. I used to fish all day and fish up and down rivers. Now my wheels are shot so I can drive to where I fish. No hiking involved. Get out of my truck and walk ten feet to the river bank and catch fish. Some times it's only a few feet. Same results. I'm spoiled as to how good the fishing is here in Montana
  15. Want more useful reports with pics...otherwise, well you know. :p
  16. Funny, harsh due to his recent stumble, but funny.
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  17. Admittedly less funny now that I've read the latest on OMJ's other post.
  18. I survived another bad face-plant this last Wednesday (damned bi-focals), so I feel free to laugh with Ed at the image of OMJ rolling downthe hill.:D My unbreakable polaroid Cocoons absorbed some of the shock, and my forehead took the brunt of it. I broke neither my bifocals nor my nose, so I also feel lucky. I did have to bend my glasses back into shape, and pluck some skin off the frames, but there was little blood involved, and I was able to keep fishing.

    I mis-judged the water depth by a couple of inches while stand-up paddling downstream out of the creek I was fishing, and hit bottom on the mud bar. My U-12 stopped, but I kept going. Lucky thing its a plastic boat. I tried to grab the rails as I hit, but one hand slipped, and I clobbered the front thwart with my face.
    I've got a nice scab right between my eyes, now.:confused: I'm blaming it on the bi-focals. I'm going in for an eye exam next week, so I can order some new glasses. Not bi-focals. Just the correction for good distance vision, so I can see the trail, river, river bottom, and the cougars stalking me (if they're too old, then forget it!) I can take 'em off to read, and I'll get some "computer glasses" for viewing the screen, since bi-focals are wrong already for this, anyway.
    I'm done doing faceplants! Don't need 'em!
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  19. Shit, when you get older you might need trifocals. I am used to wearing them so I don't misjudge distances. The Bifocals work good for threading the small eyes of size 22 nymphs. The other two grinds work very good for distances.

    Isn't it fun getting older???????????????
  20. Actually No it is not :(. The body ages but the mind really doesnt. Many times I have to remind myself you can no longer do this, or if you do it your body will remind you of your age. And yes tying knots has become harder too.
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