I've got a serious problem...

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  1. Since January 4th I'm on my 3rd rod build, I just can't stop! I don't want to go to work and I need my own "white/clean room" where I can just go into recluse mode! I don't know what's going on, I've even put fishing on hold (well, okay, that wasn't too hard with the crazy weather the last few ;)) Went to Utmost Enterprises again after emailing and then talking to Carol. :D Picked up a Batson 9' 5wt RX7 and all the goodies to go along with it. Also picked up a short little 2pc Fenwick Boron X, XSP 661, a spinning blank but put turned it into a fly rod (drying on the rollers as I type), all in preparation for some serious family time out in the woods on small creeks/rivers and lakes.

    While the Fenwick is rolling I started on my SRC 5wt. I've been wanting a Saltwater specific 5wt, after having fished a 6wt I find it to be overkill in general. Even for your average beach Salmon I believe a 5wt would be a hoot and just about right! Not sure if the RX7 has enough back bone to haul a decent Clouser out on an intermediate line ( I see the Ambush comes in a 5wt, if not I'll try my Rio OB on it) but I'll find out soon enough!

    Anyhow, here are some pics! Just trying new things like double thread wraps etc, major experimentation going on. I need to start selling some off to friends so I can fund my new addiction!
    In the living room, not ideal, but it's the only space I have... :) I need to get a good light and maybe a 2nd set of reading glasses (I leave mine at work), after seeing the pics, I'm seeing things I didn't see before.





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  2. I do think you have been bittin by the bug.......
    I feel for you and your wallet as I have once been there;)
  3. Hoping it will pass soon! :)
  4. I used to have a serious problem, it was drinking and addiction. After 25 years clean-n-sober I feel my addiction to anything fishing is a good thing! Many of us have compulsive disorders and get wrapped up in something and get "ADDICTED TO IT" there are worse things to be ADDICTED too than fishing!

    It's like i tell my married fishing friends to tell they're wive's, "i can either be at the bar, or on the water, which would you rather it be" Most the wives pick the water ;) I will admit though that I have gotten so addicted to fishing that it started affecting my work and had to "BACK-OFF" but I still keep it right on the edge of "INSANE"

    BY THE WAY = I really like the cork handle!
  5. The little Fenwick Boron X sounds interesting. What do you anticipate the line weight to be on it? Did the guys at Utmost have a prediction or better yet know from experience? I’ve seen where guys do this with glass spin blanks but not so much with graphite or boron.

    By the way I think my first four rods were built right on the dining room table. I sure finished them a lot faster that way.

  6. The Fenwick should be ready for casting in a few days, not sure what will happen, but I will report back when I do. The 1st section is real sensitive the second section rather stiff so I'm sure I'll be over lining this rod. Somewhere on the rod building forum I saw a chart that had to do with grain wt as it related to lure weight I need to find it and see what I can learn from that.

    Will post more later.
  7. Well, got home and the rod was dry and ready to be cast! It throws a WFF5 with ease and serious accuracy! To my surprise! I believe the line is a 5wt, it's either that or a 4wt but I'm pretty sure it's a 5wt. Very fast action, tip flex. I thought that going in since most spin rods are tip flex. I've never cast a Boron rod before. This little 5-1/2ft rod packs a punch, like a quick fire small stream rod. I want to see what it will feel like with a Trout on the other end. I'm really tempted to hit the salt with it real quick just to find out. If I was aware of any small streams open to fishing for Trout in the Kitsap area I'd try it out there... that or just wait till the time is right and most streams open to fishing again. I'm super stoked!!! :D

    Here are some pics... the rod blank is a glossy pitch black so I went with black everything (cheapy guides and tip top, cheapy cork grip and cheapy wood real seat) and some Pac Bay ruby red thread with u 40 color lock 2 and two coats of u 40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme.

    A little bit of love and a little bit ocd and I have a fun little 2 piece creek blaster, perfect for placing foam bugs right where I want them! :D

    My 2nd rod


  8. The only info I could find on this specific rod blank was in a "vintage" magazine from the 80's. That's how I found out it was a spinning blank since at first I thought it was a fly blank. I bought it b/c it was a short 2 piece rod, it fit my/our upcoming 2014 Summer back country fishing needs, and was made by Fenwick (old school) in the USA, that and the deal I got it for was enough to throw down. :D

    Look Carol, I'm grinnin'! :D

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  9. I have the Batson IF510, blank I build for salt water use. I think it's a little to slow for what I built it for, but, the 6 wt version of that rod works really well.

    I finished up a 6wt RX8 in a 9 foot blank for my salt water use, and it's a great rod matched with the outbound lines. I think your IF590 will do you well.

    Those cork/composite handles from Batson are really nice. I have to start putting them on my fathers rods, he tears the cork up pretty bad.
  10. I wonder what the difference would be between a 5wt rx7 and 5wt rx8.
  11. Life is short brother, dive deep into the things that make you smile.
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  12. Enjoy it Alexander. I went through that phase a few years ago, built multiple rods for myself, and some casting and spinning rods for my parents, some fly rods for charity auctions. I now own about 15 fly rods, at least 10 of them built by me. I am going to build a spinning rod this year for my parents to have at an auction for their dog rescue group in Tennessee, and I am thinking I could use a 5 wt fiberglass rod, so likely will do that as well.


  13. UL spinning rods are typically spec’d for ¼ oz +/- a bit. So that equates to roughly 110 grains. Just doing the math one would conclude that it would be a 3 wt but that’s not how it turns out from what I’ve seen and read (I’ve never done this). The UL blanks converted to fly usually seem to come out to something around a 5 wt. Some people have used UL spin blanks for the very reason. The inclination of the industry left a void for those that were fond of the short mid weights (ie Fenwick Feralite 7’ 5 wt). The Batson RX 6 fly series does cater to this though with a 7’5” 5 wt.
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  14. Speed and weight of blank
  15. Graphite is good, fiberglass is fun...bamboo is a blast! I've got it BAD!! 25 year addiction....be careful! Never let the wife know just how many toys we have....
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  16. RX8 is a faster blank, and seems to have more power in the tip than the RX7 and is more $$$$:)

    My fishing buddy made friends with Kerry Batson, and during one of our fishing trips out to the OP visited him. He gave me both blanks to compare. Since I was going to throw big flies and a shooting head, I was looking a fast rod, and he sold me on the RX8

    I dedicated those RX8 blanks to my salt water rods when chasing salmon. I like a 5wt and smaller unweighted flies when chasing SRC. You'll like that RX7 for that.
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  17. Love it! This made me smile, too! The rods both turned out awesome. We enjoyed spending time with you and your daughter...come back and visit us again soon.
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  18. Nice looking rods! I totally get staying in the rod build mode and momentum!
  19. If the kids are grown and college is paid for. Your wife may soon get to a place where she may not care to much if all of your attention goes to something other than her.
    I go thru phases when I tie flies all of the time, then I switch to rod building, then I rebuild one (one of 3) of my prams. Soon I want to build a "new" pram. Then there are
    catch nets that I have been thinking about making, then wood fly boxes. I really want to try my hand at building a bamboo fly rod. But I have to take at class for that.
    All of this and I still can't cast worth a damn. I am just hoping my wife never finds out how may rods I have or how much I have tied up in feathers, chenille and animal hair.
    And you think you have a problem.

    Good luck
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  20. ha ha ha NICE! I'll be there one day... right now I have 4 kids ranging from 4 to 12, this is a bad habit to have in my situation. ;)

    Trick # 1 - got my whole family into fly fishing
    Trick # 2 - my 8 yr old son is into fly tying
    Trick # 3 - get my younger two into tying as well!

    This way it all gets written off as family time! :D
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