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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nick Clayton, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. I've been going through my gear trying to get organized for the spring, and have come up with some things that just aren't getting used as they should. I'm hoping that someone on here could use some of this stuff, and perhaps has some unused stuff of their own to swap. I'm interested in a 10 wt setup to be used for ling cod, giant salt flies also for lings, an 8 wt, and salmon/bottom fishing/trolling gear. Last year I got back into trolling for salmon and doing some bottom fishing, and am hoping to get more into it this year, so any rods/reels/tackle would be good. I live in Kitsap county and am willing to ship or face-to-face as applicable. I should have pictures of everything by this evening.

    Dyna King Trekker vise. 7/10 condition. Comes with standard jaws and midge jaws. I traded for this last year to be kept at work for lunch hour tying sessions, but it just doesn't see much use. Same jaws as the Baracudda. Great vise.

    Lamson Speedster 2.0 reel spooled with a like new Rio In Touch Type V line. I bought this reel brand new last winter but have used it very little. I cant' find the warranty card, but I know I never sent it in. I'll keep looking. Reel is pretty much brand new. I cant' find anything wrong with it. Line has been fished maybe a half dozen times here and there. I just don't use the type V all that often.

    Airflo 10' 6/7 wt 3 piece rod. Tube/sock included. This rod is well used, but has a lot of life left on it.

    TFO BVK 10' 4 wt. This rod has a snapped section, and I've been far too lazy to send it in since I never use it anyway. I have the blank warranty card to go with it, so someone could send it in and pay 25 bucks and get a new rod. Or I'll send it in myself. Either way... Just thought I'd throw it out there.

    Loop Opti 3L Wading Jacket size 3XL. I bought this off a forum member a year or so ago, but my wife bought me a brand new Simms G3 the same week so I've basically never used it. Worn it around town a couple times, and maybe on the water once, but thats it. Jacket is like brand new. Only flaw is the straps for tightening the wrist cuffs have become separated.

    If anyone is interested in anything just drop me a PM and we can see if we can work something out. Not looking to break anyone's bank, just hoping to swap my unused gear for your unused gear. More stuff to be added as I go through everything here.
  2. PM sent
  3. Hey, how'd you break that TFO 10' 4wt? That was fun while it lasted!
  4. The Lamson and the Rio line sound tempting, but I got nothing to really trade you. Although I do have a 10' 8" Fetha Styx Switch Rod, that I've used once now for steelhead and it worked great. Think about it and I'll bring it Saturday.
  5. Pm sent.
  6. Ok all PMs replied to................ I think lol
  7. pm sent
  8. Looks like the Speedster and Trekker are spoken for.
  9. Do you want the alpha II for the bvk?
  10. I'm interested in the bvk what kinda cash would it take for you to sell it pm me a price
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