J.L. Bradley Bamboo Fly Rod

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  1. Any J.L. Bradley owners/fans out there? This year in Albany I picked up a Para 13 7.9ft 4wt. It casts like a dream. I have since worked with Joe to setup a product page so if you are interested in his schedule or would like to post pictures of your rod feel free to do so here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JL-Bradley-Bamboo-Fly-Rods/570857816361821

    Anyone else out there having a good experience with their bamboo rod?
  2. Well I'm certainly a fan of his version of the Para 14. Very nice coherent rod from butt to tip.

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  3. I'll second what Tim said, I had a chance to try a couple of his rods at the Metolious gathering a few years back and his Para 14 was sweet! Not only do they cast nice but his finish work is top shelf in my opinion.

  4. Here is a picture of the 4wt I picked up from Joe a few months ago.
    A real work of art!
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  5. Sweet looking rod, even the tips are fully matched, check out the matching node placement. That's what you call attention to detail in bamboo rod making.

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