January 2012 Salon - Johnson's Beach Fly

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Steve Rohrbach, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. READ THIS POST FIRST: Thomas Mitchell's Salon Rules and How This Works

    Deadline - January 31st

    Theme - Johnson's Beach Fly

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    As I started thinking about a theme for January, I thought about Les Johnson and his legendary contributions to Fly Fishing, Education and Conservation of our Sea Run Cutthroat. I have been fortunate to know Les as a customer, teacher, mentor and fishing buddy. His class on Tying Tube Flies had an amazing impact on my fly tying. I caught my largest Sea Run Cutthroat ever while fishing a South Puget Sound beach with Les.

    The theme of this Salon is intended to inspire you to create the Knapp's Beach Fly, the Kelvin's Beach Fly or the Dry Fly Larry's Beach Fly. The historic fly tied by Les Johnson should inspire your efforts. I am looking for creativity. When you post your new fly, I hope it will result in me not only rushing to my vise, but then heading directly to the nearest Cutthroat Beach to see how amazing the fly looks in the water. How many casts will it take before the fly is rewarded with a crushing strike? Hopefully, your Beach Fly will earn its' place in the list of historically great Sea Run Cutthroat Flies. Most importantly, while you are tying, think about how fortunate we all are to have benefited from Les Johnson's efforts to promote our amazing Sea Run Cutthroat fishery.

    Please post your fly photo and inspiration on this thread.

    I anxiously await your creations.

    Have fun and please start tying.

  2. Congratulations with the winning fly Steve!

    I am now on to working with my next fly.
  3. Richard, Thanks. I am excited to see what you create in the January contest. Really looking forward to February 11. Good tying.
  4. Let's not forget Stephen's Beach Fly! Roger, this is right in your wheel house. I can't wait to see what you come up with. It can be a tube fly as well.
  5. All right, I'll break the ice. I have been thinking about this all day and finally decided to go with a top water pattern.

    One of the consistent themes in Les' books is FUN. He loved to fish for these fish and was able to enjoy it every time he went out. I was able to meet Les last year and he was still laughing and telling Coastal Cutthroat stories, even from the wheelchair. He immediately inspired me to dedicate my time and efforts to the beautiful coasts of Puget Sound and it's diverse fisheries. So far the most fun I can think of is watching a SRC smash a top water pattern in the Sound, so thats the direction I went.

    I generally tie with Synthetics. I like them and they are durable and fairly cheap. The first thing I noticed about JBF is the natural materials and the classic colors of oranges, reds, whites and browns.... I decided to follow his theme with materials and color selection. I used Yak hair, Cashmere goat, calf tail, and brown saddle hackle for the wing/underwing. The colors were what made this fly so great and I didn't feel like I had any right to mess with them, so I didn't.

    I CANNOT wait to slide this fly over some cutthroat this week. I think they will agree that Les' colors and inspiration were incredible and still very effective. I'm sure that even if no SRC come to hand, I'll have a great day watching them jump over, chase, and inhale this interpretation of Johnson's Beach Fly.

  6. I have been thinking about this too

    The Kelvin Beach Fly will surely be a flatwing
    and I am working on one of those to be posted here as well

    However the first thing I tied was a different kind of beach fly, also a top water pattern

    This is very close to a pattern I did really well with this fall in Idaho, in the Copper Basin and on the Big Wood and the Big Lost

    This fly is tied with the exact same recipe as Les's beach fly
    only Hair wing comparadum style size 10 dry fly

    Orange tread
    Orange calf tail -tail
    Orange semi seal -dubbing
    Gold tinsel -rib
    Brown saddle hackle -hackle
    White deer hair -wing

    I am tying the Allard Orange for the Historic Sea run Swap and there are alot of similarities in that and Les's Beach fly
    I also found it very similar to the Polar Shrimp
    I am not sure which of these came first

    I decided to tie a fly using the exact same material but for a diffrent type of fishing as
    searuns are often also found up river during the October caddis hatch

    View attachment 46965
  7. Kelvin, are you using a light-cured epoxy, or the old-fashioned 5 minute stuff?
  8. That flatwing is incredible, thanks Kelvin
  9. Great looking stuff.

    That slider will work great Steve, I tie one up like that for smallmouths(in different colors) and it will get hammered. I ordered some larger popper bodies and tubes to try to make one big enough for pike this summer :rofl:

    Kelvins flat wings as always are amazing, one of these days I will learn how to tie them.

  10. I am using 5 minute epoxy and once that dries I give it a coat of hard as nails as I find that really makes the eyes stand out.
    I would be happy to use the UV stuff as it speeds up the process of completing the fly, I only I have found the UV products I have tried tend to yellow within a short period of time and that at least in salt water tend to break off after a fish or two, or a rock or two

    I know there are more expensive light cured products out there I just have not been willing to buck up the cash to try them out

    I find with epoxy if I do hit a rock on of my awesome perfect loop back casts I can have only one eye break off instead of the whole head which I believe adds to the injured one eye baitfish look of the pattern
    PM me if you have any other questions there are a couple of other tricks to these epoxy heads
  11. I just picked up some larger diameter tubes at the hardware store I am going to tie some Squid patterns on for Black Mouth and Ling cod
    $0.17 a foot for the tube and $.019 a foot for the connecting tubing

    I have not looked to see if they fit in my tube vise yet but if they don't I am sure I can rig something up
  12. The Johnson Beach Fly, is based off the Polar Shrimp and the Thor; two flies that perhaps do not imitate anything. Some speculate they resemble shrimp or roe. IMO Les' fly resembles alevin; the orange is the egg sac and the white is the body. When wet, Les' fly will show the orange thru the translucent white wing. As Les states, an orange body, white wing fly is mandatory for SRC.

    I present my interpretation of Les' fly; the Orange Creme. I assume that this would catch fish immediately as the early chum fry from the summer spawners start hitting the sound. It should only get better as March and April roll around. Hopefully I can test it out soon. My thinking behind the fly is a somewhat closer representation of an alevin while maintaining some semblance of Les's ethos of orange body, white wing. My link with tradition is the addition of the polar bear underwing, something, that according to Shoff, no Polar Shrimp should be tied without.

    Hook: Daiichi X452 #10
    Thread: Orange
    Tail: Pearl Crystal Flash
    Body: Orange Floss w/BR wire
    Throat: Orange Hackle
    Underwing: Polar Bear
    Overwing: Mallard


  13. I don't think I understand the theme.

    Is it to create the Mitchell Beach Fly, a completely new fly that I might be known by someday similar to Les and his fly?

    Or is it to create a variation on Les' pattern?
  14. I just found this thread! I might have to attempt this!
  15. Thomas, it is to create your own beach fly. Les's fly is the inspiration but I suggest using creativity to come up with a fly that will catch fish and have the potential to become historic.
  16. thanks Ron
    when you enter one I will vote for it three times
  17. no fair you already have the DRy Fly Larry Beach Fly it's called the Popsicle Stick

    but post one and I will vote for it three times too
  18. Awesome. Historically bad maybe...

    I already have my 'secret beach fly' that I never talk about. Finally giving that one up was my first thought but I'll put my thinking cap on. Like many others, I owe Les a debt of gratitude. My worn copy of his book has been through many many readings.
  19. Thomas, I have seen your flies and you have no worries about historically bad. I think we can all come up with something that honors Les and gives us something to work on. I still have a long way to go to figure this one out. I look forward to your fly, Secret or New!

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