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  1. A colleague of mine who is a relative of Mr. Fair pointed out to me this week that he continues to be an active innovator and marketer of stillwater-specific tying materials and fly patterns.


    For those unfamiliar, Jay Fair developed unique dyes for marabou and hackles and provided Denny Rickards with the materials he used to design his signature patterns. That burnt orange saddle cape that Denny touts at all the outdoor shows? Yup, that came from Jay. Jay guided on Eagle Lake in the northern Sierras for many years.

    My goal with this post isn't to promote Mr. Fair's business but to recognize that a pioneer of modern stillwater fly fishing is still active and contributing to the sport well into his 80's. Pretty cool.
  2. I am with you. The hackle and maibou I've purchased from them have been very nice and I was allowed to send one back to trade for a different barbule size.
  3. I fished Eagle Lake a few times since I lived in Northern California my entire life. I met Ron Lewis, owner of Sierra, Stream, and Mountain Fly Shop in Chico, CA. He sent me a ton of Jay Fair materials for free. I was very grateful. He now owns Jay Fair fly tying products.
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  4. WOW, love the materials! site saved. Now I have to order a bunch of all his stuff. Bet it works great on my stillhead flies!!! Thanks trout!!!
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  5. Is that what ya'll call steelhead when you catch em' in the Stillwater? :cool:
  6. Well that's what I call these level flies for stillwater steelhead. Hell, I was just practicing last summer, I'm actually going to try this summer and some of that material looks "SPICY" for my "STILLHEAD FLIES"

    Simple name by a simple person I guess ;) I LOVED THE BROWN MATERIALS HE'S SELLING!
    sexi steal 031.jpg
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  7. +1 on the Jay Fair wiggle tails. I fish them at Lake Davis, Eagle & a few other Northern CA lakes. They consistently produce. They've worked well in MT & NV too.
  8. Never been to Davis, yet I lived only an hour away for 7 something years. I love NorCal, full of trout and challenges. I'm a fan of Zack's Swimming Leeches
  9. Can't beat Davis in the fall
  10. In my life long quest to catch a fish in all 50 states, I have managed both Hawaii and Alaska, but somehow California has escaped me. Maybe Davis could end that.
  11. Right now Ira, on the Lower Sacramento River below Red Bluff, you can catch over 20 trout in a couple hours. Those are hatchery steelhead though, but above Red Bluff, there are mostly only natives.
  12. Well I'll just take an 11 hour drive and hit it this weekend. You know what it's almost that tempting, too bad it's not a lake though. :)
  13. Right now, California is in a drought, and there's no rain whatsoever. Fishing is on fire though; the trout here are hardcore. Hopefully it'll rain soon, cross your fingers! Some of the reservoirs are so low, that some of the lake bottoms are showing. The Lower Sac is still at 55 degrees, and the trout seem to be doing fine during these touchy circumstances.

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