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  1. Jeff, we met a couple of weeks ago at the Baker River riffle on the Skagit River. You took some photos and I took some photos. I will send you a nice photo of you casting if you contact me. I would appreciate a photo of the nice native steelhead you took.
  2. The guy you are looking for is on the board as bhudda - nice fish BTW, the Baker's a great drift.
  3. Well some guy with the wrong email got your pics:) sorry Dick,I got your email address wrong,ill forward them to the correct one! The video I might have to burn to CD and send...
  4. Now that's the definition of "brotherhood"!

    Me like!!! :D
  5. A CD of the video and fish would be greatly appreciated.

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  6. Nice picture Dick ! Arms in tight,underhand stroke in effect .....just like Mike K taught me:)
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  7. Im chuckling:) walmart came from our discussion about me being a long lost relative of the walmart family...haha, I'd rather be related to Isaac Walton!
  8. Sorry I cant turn the pic over,from the phone,no options to do so...
  9. Nice!!! Big Shoulders right there!
  10. It was thick!
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