Jelly action cooling down but Green Lake action heating up!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by wadin' boot, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. I've "climbed the ladder" stacking web on a seiner, pulling bags through the power block. I once looked up at the wrong time and with eyes wide open took a hot one full on the face. I wanted to die.
  2. David,
    You never forget that sting do you?
    I never got any in the eyes, but did get hit on the face a time or two while brailing fish, and on my arms a lot.
    I always preferred driving the skiff, even when everyone else was in the warm, dry galley drinking hot coffee while the wind and rain pelted down around me during a set.
    It may have gotten a little cold and wet, but at least I was out from underneath the power block and web while the jellies rained down!
    Great memories.
  3. Boot, I can't wait to read your reports regarding the "Starfish" runs this season!
  4. Hall of fame post.
  5. Or the illusive sand dollar.
  6. Wait until Boot hooks his first tunicate or "sea squirt"!!

    I'm thinkin' that'll bring out the poetic side of his writing and I can't wait!!!! :p
  7. Way to go boot !!! Very funny stuff !!!
  8. Wow, hope that chest cold clears up. Last time I got something like that out of my lungs was after a 2 lb hash binge...
  9. You know, those killer jelly loogies kill 8 times as many people every year than do sharks. The statistics I read indicated 40 deaths per year, world-wide by jellyfish, and only 5 deaths by shark per year.

    In over 45 years of swimming or surfing in the ocean, I have personally survived many jellyfish attacks! But I've never been attacked by a shark.

    Ahhh... Jeremy, 2 lbs of hash is the equivalent of 880 grams.:eek: That would be at least a 2 or 3 years supply for any normal chronic recreational smoker (don't ask me how I know this). Are you sure that what you hacked up wasn't actually your lungs themselves?:confused:
  11. ummmmmmmmm a lb. is 454 grams don't ask me how i know this and on a side note a certain area 12 beach famous for combat fishing was thick with feisty chums on Monday........
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  12. Yes, but I was accounting for the typical amount of "shrinkage" that somehow happens.

    The surf was large and rideable at Westport on Monday, too, but I just watched for a bit. Great spectating, with binocs. Was too gnarly out there for an old scarecrow who couldn't avoid contemplating a potential bad scenario. Nobody as old as myself paddled out, but my friend Kevin (will be 60 on his next b-day) managed to make it out and snag one good set wave, and then he was done. Dane Perlee perhaps was the man of the day with a huge tube ride (I missed seeing that, but those who witnessed it were impressed).

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