Jerky Meat?

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  1. dryflylarry

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    I made some great jerky a couple months back. I may have been lucky getting a piece of meat that didn't have much fat. I can't quite remember what cut I bought, but I think it was a bottom round. Anyway, I did it again and it had too much fat in it and I was bummed. Can you guys recommend the best cut of meat for jerky? Would buffalo be good instead of lean beef cut. Thanks pals.
  2. Dan Nelson

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    Round steak works well for jerky -- bottom round includes that big round muscle (called Eye of the Round) that a lot of jerky makers like. Top round is a little more tender. Both are typically very low fat.

    Shoulder/chuck can work well for jerky too, but you'll need to make sure you cut across the grain as you process the slices for jerking. Personally, I liked using flank/skirt steak -- it's a long-grain muscle but if you slice across the grain, once jerked, it breaks apart nicely as you chew. Flank/skirt also has decent flavor despite its general toughness.

    If you want the "best" go for a sirloin tip roast. Good flavor, fairly tender, and low fat.

    (NOTE: I worked as a butcher all through high school and early college in a small ranch-town custom "cut and wrap" meat shop -- we slaughtered and butchered beef, pork and lamb from the local ranchers, taking the animals from the pasture to the freezer).

    I should also note I made some wonderful jerky out of duck breasts. I loved hunting ducks in eastern WA but wasn't a fan of roasted wild duck - but wild duck jerky was phenomenal!
  3. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Funny, I worked for a butcher too. Never was an acting butcher, mostly was the apprentice (aka the bitch LOL).

    You're spot on. I use the flanks alot too. What I'll do though before I put it into the smoker is tenderize it. Give it a good beating to cube it up a bit. But cutting across the grain is key. Most people mess that up.
  4. Ed Call

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    I agree with the flank steak suggestion from Dan. Flank steak seems to take a dry rub or marinade well. I worked as a butcher through high school, then I learned how to run the morgue. Glad that I'm not doing either of those jobs any longer.
  5. Dustin Bise

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    I have not worked as a butcher. Just felt this thread needed some diversity.

    edit: and i love beef jerky
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    For a change of pace, try making some salmon or steelhead jerky. I've done it with steelhead. Just salt it and put it in the food dehydrater. :thumb:
  7. dryflylarry

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    Thank you Dan Nelson and All. I think the last time I used Eye of the Round and must have got a fatty piece. Oh Well, I'll be careful. I'll make sure I talk directly with the butcher next time and have him/her help me pick a piece.