Jesse, Evan, Tylor... this for you goons

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  1. what a great thread. we need a WFF "party and fish" get together
  2. [​IMG]

    Back in the day!

  3. nothing says "I'm down to party" like those flannel pants
  4. 2003! That one was good times for sure.

  5. Fosho, wonder what ever happened to that aussie dude thats sitting next to me, I remember he brought an ex-girlfriends chair to one of the events to burn

    Whats up Pete? I'll be making a trip down to OR this winter, lemme know if you got some time to hit some chrome.
  6. bill, that first picture is definitely the blue anchor, right on! it's amazing i can remember what the inside of that place looks like.
  7. Sean, you know were going to have to go out and test your new rod....
  8. If you're going to fish, you might as well party! KEM and Shawnage jeah duing it up on the hoh, and the bogaciel breakfast of champions!



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  9. Well well well you had to go and make everything all public like and jerry f*ckin springer on me ha, well you try dealing with a woman who is 6 1/2 months pregnant, and still fish ha..... ha... as much as i love fishing i love sleeping in my own bed at night, and i do have a pair of balls i just have to clean them off and put them aside every once and a whyle pluss, judging by flybills pics, if thats him in the animal jacket and plad pants he flys more my style i think i might fish with him, ha you like that, oh ya i dont have a tube remember it blew up in the sun , and i have a shitty paying welding job and cant afford one cause i am saving for a crib and formula and colledge, no not for me I R welder! i chose tech school instead of college. for my kid. so ya, and jesse their is just no reason you have not been going dont get me started and even, dont know ya but i like to party to, and backyard he rocks my style. ok i said it. ps any one wanto donate a float tube to keep a man sain i will weld something for you . one day one time.................:ray1:
  10. TS, as fun as this has been to read I'm tossing out the bull$hit flag now. My wife was full term pregnant and I was still fishing a rip roaring run on an S river that was about 2 hours from my house. I called her frequently to see how she was and she told me repeatedly "don't come home without fish". I got a lot of fishing time in at 6 1/2 months, it is in another 3 or so months when your fishing will be drastically affected. Regardless of how it all pans out, dust off your balls, weld yourself some ball protection and get out and fish before you are home changing diapers and warming bottles aroud the clock. All in all it will be an awesome life changing experience, congratulations, but fish while you can.
  11. Hey Jim, You need to come back to WA for a fishing/drinking party. (not necessarily in that order) I bet you, me, and Scott (Micro Brew) could show those youngsters a thing or two about drinking whiskey and catching fish. Of course Scott and I would have to catch the fish for you.:D Don't remember which Dry Falls party it was, but one of them we hammered the booze and the fish pretty good. ptyd
  12. My Name is


    Besides flyfishing, I enjoy getting dressed up and having a nice night out on the town


    but I also love a nice quiet afternoon with friends in the wonderful city of seattle.


    I am a great multi tasker,


    An accomplished artist,


    As well as a swordsmith


    Lets fish.
  13. Alas the great paradox of high school: to show or not to show? I had Wilson for a spell... transferred for some damn reason, can't recall :beer1:

    Anways meathead, I didnt play school sports because I was too busy being gnarly on my skateboard, jumping my festiva over train tracks, fly fishing, and smoking weed out of pop cans which if you total the sum of that gnarliness and divide it by the size of your bicep you get the square root of evans vagina. See I learned something.

    Suck it!

    Hi Coach Wilson!
  14. Yeah! Sure was! Rowdy and JIm there... you weren't there long that evening and I had my first mule! Still don't know what was in it, but it was good! :beer1:

    That's Rowdy, and he was in great form there! This was my first WFF event and one of the biggest! The Cowlitz party came in a close second, and some of the Dry Falls events and the thang on the Sauk last year had some crazy fun shit, from what I hear!

    Let's plan another big event, maybe for some OP steelie fun... The party at the Hoh last March was sweet! Who's ready?!? :beer2:ptyd
  15. OK OK OK................. We may have stumbled upon a gold mine of guys just like us........... I feel like i finally belong! This is just like church, only when I sing with my hands in the air, ill have two PBRs in EACH! What we really need is a "party boy" outing. Name a place and weekend and lets figure it out! P.S. I have a hard time believing anybody in this board can out drink Mike Wilson.
  16. AND FILSON!!!!!!!!!!! For every time and place there is a "man" ........ You bested me int the sumo tourney, true........ and you were definitely the "man" for your time and place............... but that 2000-2002 window......... THE CALDERON had that on LOCK son. hahah. Kinda the way Mike Wilson dominated sports during the great depression era.
  17. 2 parts vodka, 1part ginger beer, 1/2 lime squeezed and dropped in, the key is the copper mug.
  18. Mmmm, easy! Now I just have to find a copper mug and some ginger beer! :thumb:

    Hey, want to send me the pattern info for Sculpin Steve? PM it if you need too.. I think I saw it while I was out in Twin partying w/ you guys, but must have killed those brain cells already...
  19. Yeah, That picture has to old bastards in it.

  20. flybill, you can ramp it up to 4 or 5 shots of vodka if needed. Good stuff for sure.

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