Jesse, Evan, Tylor... this for you goons

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    your mistake was changing your plans from actually catching fish at rufus woods to going back to the same river that has skunked you what... 4 times now?
  2. Blake Stiller

    Blake Stiller Member

    I somehow managed to get skunked at pass yesterday. Every single fish i hooked i lost. Sean stood me up, i had 18 coors widemouth cans with me in preperation to throw down, and to top it off i left my foglights on in my truck and when i came back at dark my battery was dead.
  3. jcalderon

    jcalderon Member

    Are we all in agreeance for a pass lake shindig sunday?......................................... I coach saturday morning, but i oculd do saturday afternoon/evening..... Heck i might just camp up there and fish both days
  4. Blake Stiller

    Blake Stiller Member

    Im down. I will probably be there saturday and sunday evenings
  5. Jergens

    Jergens AKA Joe Willauer

    100 skunkings on the methow is better than catching those rufus woods pond monkeys! :rofl:
  6. Sean Beauchamp

    Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

    jesse. did you try a buzz bomb?? those things are bananas.

    sorry blake i drank too much saturday night and the thought of doing anything but layin around and watching the big lebowski made me throw up in my mouth. i even punked out and missed the mickey avalon and dirt nasty show. it was pretty rough.

    but im down to get down next weekend. im goin out in seattle saturday night but im game for a hungover pass lake adventure sunday for sure.. or depending how the rivers look i kind of want to go swing some uglies and pick up some bulls. dont know whats up with me but i keep daydreaming of toad dollies. lata playaz
  7. 100 skunkings on the methow is better than catching those rufus woods pond monkeys!

    iagree iagree

    My thoughts exactly. A good day on the met is just being on the met. Although you may still catch a pond monkey.
  8. Blake Stiller

    Blake Stiller Member

    Dude, sean im down for moving water. If you seriously wanna do that, i'll pitch in for gas,beer,drugs, hookers and the needles. What do you say?
  9. jcalderon

    jcalderon Member

    id pitch in for a needle as well, but id rather share....

    Dollies maybe.... pass lake.... maybe.... either way, blake, sean and CALDERON the don will be fishin
  10. HauntedByWaters

    HauntedByWaters Active Member

    Nice drinking pics. I have never seen a Subaru with an exhaust pipe in in the drivers seat like that before, looks interesting. :)

    In my experience, if you have to depend on someone to get out fishing, you will not go fishing much.

    If you really have the fishing bug like me and I suspect like Sean, you will fish a lot by yourself not because you want to, mostly because some people have "priorities"........whatever the fuck those are.
  11. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    the methow is infinitely more more awesome... but we all need to go slummin for hatchery fish once in a while to change things up and feel better about ourselves
  12. TylorStrand

    TylorStrand New Member

    look at this shit, i am getting the door closed on my face again for next week you guys suck i am going to start a blog about getting left out of fishing peace to you
  13. Sean Beauchamp

    Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

    tylor what are you talking about?? wanna go fish?

    call me! and tell me what day will work and we'll go man. that simple. its up to you to go i'm always down.
  14. Evan Burck

    Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

    put me as a maybe for saturday. unfortunately i need to be spending my days off going through our storage and getting ready to move. i'm running out of time on that project :(
  15. Mulligan

    Mulligan Stephen Mull

    I had a hard time deciding whether to post this on Boot's thread or this one. Fits great on both. Joe likes to party in Wolf shirts...


    I like to arm wrestle oldsters at Nascar races...

    And drink 40s...
  16. jcalderon

    jcalderon Member

    Tylor..... holla atcha boy.... sunday first light, pass lake......
  17. TylorStrand

    TylorStrand New Member

    uh ya sean likes to party, harty, and this was not for haloween, we went to the club

  18. TylorStrand

    TylorStrand New Member

    oh ya fish sunday
  19. Blake Stiller

    Blake Stiller Member

    So you guys are gonna fish in the morning then or what? Lemme know what time you'll be there so we can kick off the day at the launch with a shot and a couple beers :D
  20. David Loy

    David Loy Senior Moment

    Jeez Tylor. That pic reminds me of an 8 legged dog. :rolleyes: