Jesse, Evan, Tylor... this for you goons

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  1. it's more like.. half man, half bearpig
  2. Proper Trip Planning, or why you dont need two pages of internet drivel to plan a trip to pass lake.

    Enter Saturday night:
    Andy: (face down on mattress with head resting between pillow and mattress slightly drooling) heeyyyy duude, lets go to Idaho to look for some steel.

    Mark: (on the shitter, mid-shit) ehhhhh yeeah. 6am on the road?

    Andy: throw ur shit in my car.

    Mark: lets wake up at 5 and go for bagels!!!!

    Andy: Only if you can promise me we be 48" x 62" fat hawg slaying.

    Mark: Ya bitch we run this show.
  3. Got ur dinner right there boy

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  4. Andy, if it makes you feel any better, I have been trying for two years to get ahold of half of whats on that stringer.... thanks for reafirming my steelhead shittyness!~
  5. J,
    Steelhead on your side of the state are a totally different creature. They are much less common, often in finer condition, and tougher to get under most cases. I spent 3 years walking around in an aimless manner chasing steelhead before I even had any confidence in what I was doing.
  6. Can we talk about how Joe still hasn't realized I posted a picture of him--on this thread--dressed up as Napolean Dynamite (wolf shirt and all) that he doesn't even know I have?
  7. Strong work Stephen. I did a double take the first time I watched Napolean Dynamite, the resemblance is non-canny.
  8. oh he knows, he knows
  9. Well, thanks for the words of wisdom Zen. I have fished a few eastside rivers as well, and to be honest, I prefer the eastside simply because its not my neck of the woods. Maybe one of these days ill see ya over there and you can show me what im doing wrong.... besides not "booze cruisin" over there
  10. I bet you Jesse drank too much lastnight and slept in. That's what he did when we went to the Methow last weekend. But then again, my cold medicine put me down too long too. Zen, Jesse we all need a Steel mentor like you. Nice catch!
  11. Looks a little "Night @ the Roxbury" too
  12. It was good to meet all you guys at pass today. Besides the howling wind it wasnt a bad trip.

    Hey Zane and Jesse how'd you guys do! :rofl:
  13. sean found the ticket today with neoprene pataguccis fished slow and deep. my secret was a big slab of cold steak... rod almost jumped out of my hand every time i grabbed a bite of it.
  14. haha the fuckin pataguccis. i caught all my fish on powerbait with a frozen corn dropper. I drove by Pass again at like 2 pm and zane and jesse were still there and i guarantee they still hadnt caught a fish haha
  15. zane got 1 to break the streak jesse, not so lucky, it was a good day though, 6 to hand. the battle shit killed my legs though, it was great to get out their and fish with you guys hope to do it again soon, next sunday
  16. brought 4 to hand before me and evan called it quits. 2 of them standing at the boat launch tossin a minnow :rofl:

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  17. soooo...what you're saying is...the day sucked...all that buildup....gaw damn
  18. i was fishing in my float tube, sippin hard A from a flask, and eating steak. what part of that sucks?
  19. No shit dude, i cant think of anything more enjoyable. I was freezin my ass off, drinkin freezing ass cold coors light at 6:45 at the boat launch. Taste the rockies bitch, shit was awesome.
  20. yeah i was still drunk when i got there and between a few pulls off evans cap'n, 2 tilts and a sweet ass 20" bow, id call the day a success. cold as shit and some wind early on but whatever, an evening outing wouldd've been better fishing im sure.

    dont care. good to meet blake and zane. we'll hook up and do some more fishin soon. i say we start a new 7 page thread and go hit some dollies on the S rivers.

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