Jet boats and pontoons

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Florian Leischner, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I was always wondering if jet boats and pontoon boats mix ? I really want to float the Cowlitz for some cutties, but I am a little afraid of those 25ft jet sleds will not even notice me. Has anybody ever done the Blue to Mission float in their pontoon ?
  2. You should not have too much of a problem unless you were a hat that looks like a rock or downed tree. Then you might have a problem.
  3. When we were out on Sunday there was a couple of Pontooners that looked like they didn't have a problem. Of course the boats weren't that bad either. It's an easy float you shouldn't have any problems right now but I am not vouching for when it gets real crowded.
  4. Once again with misguiding subjects... I was really hoping to see the pontoon boat with the jet attached to it... ;)

  5. I've done it in my pontoon boat and it is an easy float and I didn't have any problems with the jet boats. The worst part was running the gauntlet just below Blue Creek. I think some of those guys were aiming their treble hooks to try to puncture my pontoons! :)

  6. Thanks guys, that is the encouragement I needed.
    Jet boats = good. Treble hooks = bad.
  7. Florian,

    I've floated that reach a number of times in my raft that is smaller than most pontoon boats. No problem, altho I wouldn't recommend it on a Saturday in December. I've felt nervous then even in my own sled with the incredibly heavy traffic, but most of the year it's no sweat. Like Starman said, the worst part is right at Blue Creek.


    Salmo g.

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