Jetboil Camping Stove.

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  1. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Btw, I'll probably be picking up a jet boil after Christmas as a gift for myself. :)
  2. Ed Call

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    I have a flash, sol and helios. A stove for nearly any situation. One has a valve that still performs well in colder weather and the Helios uses an inverted canister and boasts reliability for four seasons. I've not tested it in extreme cold or altitude, but for what I've done it has been great.
  3. Dan Nelson

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    models of the Jetboil stoves. Or rather, different sizes and configurations of the integrated pots. The PCS -- Personal Cooking System -- is the original. NO longer available. The Flash is its replacement (Jetboil had to change the burner within the stove since they lost their license to use the original (which was actually a Primus design). The Flash is the same weight and size (1 liter pot) as the PCS with a different, but just as efficient, burner in the same stove design. The ZIP is slightly smaller at .8 liters while the SUMO is much bigger at 1.8 liters. The SOL is a lighter weight version of the ZIP.
  4. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Damned sorry Dan. I was doing product review searches and figured it out.
  5. Dan Nelson

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    NO problem. As a gear specialist, I sometimes forget that not everyone is as deeply versed in gear minutia as I am. Good to be reminded that I need to include descriptions of things like models, especially when they include acronyms!
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    Jerry, somehow, I can't fathom you and poptarts in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence!!!!
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    LOL. I do go VERY minimalistic sometimes. Paul and I have had some pretty good times grubbing on some very plain food. But we're there to fish, not eat. :)
  8. zagnut

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    I have to agree with all the previous comments. The jetboil line of stoves are awesome and I have been super impressed with mine. I bought the original jetboil years ago and havent looked back. A few words of advice from my years using this stove:

    It is called a Jet-BOIL, not a jet simmer. So don't expect to have the best flame control. If you want better flame control you are better off looking at something like a MSR dragonfly....

    All canister stoves (jetboil or otherwise) suffer in cold weather because they rely on passive evaporation of the liquid fuel (in this case isobutane) into vapor before it can combust. Stoves like MSR's whisperlite solve this by running the fuel line through the flame. I have noticed that in sub freezing temperatures it takes my jetboil more like 7-8 minutes to boil instead of the 2-3 minutes at normal temperatures. The sol burner supposedly improved the cold weather performance, but still is not as good in super cold temperatures. But, spring 2014 jetboil is coming out with a new stove, the Joule, which has an inverted canister and a fuel line that runs through the flame. This means that it should have great cold weather performance because it solves the issues of passive evaporation and not preheating the fuel.

    By far the jet boil's biggest asset is that the stove and canister pack inside the pot and that the pot locks onto the stove when cooking. the new joule version has that capability as well.

    A few warnings: First, I have seen several of my buddies try and put the pot on the burner with the plastic protective cover still on the bottom. It doesn't turn out pretty (but jetboil sells replacements for a few bucks). Second, the jetboil pots are made out of awesome aluminum or titanium. The fuel canisters are made out of tin or something... Which means that if you put a canister in a damp pot it can leave a rust spot on your fancy new pot..... not cool. Finally, if you buy the 1.5 L pot and try and use the lid to cover it while you cook you will find that the lid will shrink a little and become very difficult to put back on. Simply warm the lid again over a pot of boiling water and then place it on the pot snugly and let everything cool to stretch it back out.

    Oh, and do buy the java press.
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  9. Billy McFly

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    I have a Jetboil and when I backpack with other folks I bring it along. Amazing stove. It's crazy how fast a jet boil will bring 2 cups of water to a boil.

    I mostly pack solo these days and for that I carry a Caldara Keg F alcohol stove.
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    I still crave fire toasted twinkys
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