Jetty FlyFishing?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by phil217, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I might make a trip out to the Jetty at Westport and was wondering if anyone has attempted this before? I have gear fished with good success but have never tried fly fishing...any tips or tricks would be appreciated!
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    there is a full feature lenght article on jetty fishing in the american angler this month. You can pick up and issue in any fly shop or magazine stand at Albertsons or Fred Meyer
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    I go there often for rockfish and lings, I had lots of fun with rockfish but no lings yet.
    Gears that I use are 9' 8wt rod and super fast sink shootinghead with Rio's mono running line, and most importantly stripping basket. In my case, white bait pattern with lots of sparks worked the best. Bigger the flies, bigger the fish for sure.
    Another thing I have to mention is you have to go there AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!!!
    The park opens at 6 AM, so you have be there on time and start walking for 30 mins to an hour, then you will be able to start throwing the flies around 730ish. Wind is critical since there are ROCKS!!!! Except early morning there is pretty much always wind in that area!!!
    Have fun ^^
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    When I fish along the Jetty, I fish the tide changes, if possible, and prefer the incoming tide when fishing from a boat or kayak. This time of year, there is a lot of salad in the water, but one can find clear areas. In the Summer, the wind is usually lighter in the early mornings, with onshore sea breezes picking up in the afternoons. Sometimes the wind dies off again at dusk. Check the hourly weather graphs in the NOAA "spot" forecast for the Jetty before you head out, so you have an idea of what the wind is forecast to be like.

    The winds should be favorable for fishing on the N side of the jetty this weekend, since they are supposed to be light and from the SW, but there are thunder storms in today's forecast until afternoon.

    Westhaven State Park is open at the crack of dawn. No set time. You can't camp there, but its OK to get there early in the morning and park, as soon as you can see. You might get "evicted" by a Westport cop if you try to sleep in your car before dawn, though.

    Lots of bait everywhere lately.

    Snowstory2, Try the low tide change for Lings. You want to be fishing before and through the change. The challenge in fishing low tide out on the Jetty is in climbing down the rocks to get close to the water, finding a good rock with decent footing to cast from, and then keeping your back cast out of the rocks. And the salad.

    And then, if you should hook up to a nice Ling, good luck keeping it from holing up in the rocks. You will not want to let up on maximum upward pressure for even a moment. Commit no errors. You are disadvantaged with a very poor angle for landing a fish that wants to hole up, while fishing from the rocks, and it isn't easy to land one out there. So much easier from a boat! Most Lings will try to hole up on you out there. But even one lost to the rocks is fun while it lasts.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I am excited to try it out...will bring a basket for sure! Hopefully buy some fresh albacore as well!
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    Sounds like fun! Be sure to post a report.
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    Only suggestion I can offer is to KEEP YOUR BACKCAST UP! if fishing from the jetty. You can see I have a firm grasp on the obvious...LOL!
    Good luck to you.