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  1. Pic posted. Hope it helps.
  2. I use JH Special, Wordens Worry, Renegade and Dead Chicken flies. If these don't catch um then they aren't biting.

    Wordens Worry and renegade are great brookie flies.
  3. different fly appartently from picture
    this clearly has a tail
  4. This is the grey version of a JH Special. Whiter wings and a grey/black thread body. This one is weighted. Say like 18-22 solid copper wire wrapped under body.


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  5. I have said that my descripition from memory was poor. I'm old and haven't been out this year. Definitely a tail. Sorry
  6. Thanks, JR. Those look more like an old-style fly than the ones that Kelvin posted. I suspect it is a pattern that has evolved over the years.
  7. I have been fishing San Juan for 50 years with this fly. It really hasn't changed except for the weighting. The flies we bot for years were tied by an old fisherman in Del Norte. He is gone now. I don't tie my own but the store bot do pretty good and there is a guy in South Fork that is tying some.
  8. I have never seen the type of wings Kelvin posted on any of my flys. I'm only familiar with Co and Ar trout fishing. Many of the flies are the same but are named diffenterly. The Dead Chicken in Co is the Red Ass in Ar. But I have never found the JH Special online anywhere. I was told the fly originated in Del Norte Co. Actually I have never found it any where else in Co.
  9. My amazing fish story was on the San Juan below Navaho Dam in World Class Fly Water. Cagyist fish I ever met. Caught a 23+" Rainbow in river on 12x with a 28 barbless fly. If you want to learn patience, thats it. Or the 5-7# up on Road Canyon Res. I was in my inflatable canoe and fishing with weighted JH Special. He drug me all over the place. Jumped right next to bank in front of my partner and he extimated 27" at 5-7#. He finally got away but the JH Special came back with Nothing but the wire wrapped around shank for weighting. Oh, if your questioning the length and size, it was a Cutthroat.
  10. I understand it to have been made and invented by the father of a friend. I have a few here; some variations it seems. Great discussion.
  11. Mark can you post a picture?
  12. I had a retired friend that fished out of South Fork Co for years. He would spend 4 months in summer at Rainbow Lodge. He got me into the JH Special. At the start we used them fishing high country lakes at night for cutthroat. Cutthroat never hit top water at night so we needed to sink the fly. We fished the lakes with a clear bubble and about 6' of leader. The fly would sink about 6" on a slow troll. Just had to watch not to snag a bear behind you on cast if you had fish on you. Best fishing in dark moon.
  13. I understand it to have been made and invented by the father of a friend. I have a few here; some variations it seems.

    Mark, do you have a name of friend. I was told the name on several occasions but can't come up with it. Might recognize it if I heard it.
  14. The last name was Bodo. He died some years back but lived in CO, NM, and AZ. The image below numbered 1 is what I understand to be the JH special. I also have a fly similar to the one posted earlier with a wing -- number 2 below.

    JH-special-1.jpg JH-special2.jpg
  15. The pics I posted are the JH Special. Just bot some new ones in Creede about 2 weeks ago and caught several fish at Road Canyon Res on them as did the rest of my family and friends. Was using the black body fly. Only fly I could get a bite on. Never remember a Bodo name. The old man who tied our flies lived north of Del Norte Co. But you can get JH Special flies from Rainbow Grocery in South Fork, Co or the Ramble House in Creede Co.
  16. Sure would like to know what that wing is - I got some of the flies from Rainbow Grocery and the wing has the coloration of Turkey, but is a much smaller, softer feather - anyone know what it could be?
  17. I'm not sure either, but could be Quail or Dove. I have seen the wings be from grey to elk color and vaired in between. I will ask my brother as he used to try to tie them.
  18. Gonna try them with pheasant wing quill - there are some on mine that look like they might be right. Be glad to hear what your brother uses.
  19. I tied some with turkey, which looked to be the most likely feather based on the photo. I'd also be curious to know what you find out.
  20. Great thread! This reminds me of one of my favorite old school patterns, very similar to this, but with a few twists that I add in. I like the wing and will be adding it to my patterns, but also want to try these specific ones.

    I'm assuming the unweighted is fished as a dry? Is the weighted version dead drifted or swung like a wet? I could see it doing well either way.

    When fishing big stonefly or october caddis dries, I often get bites even when the fly has sunk subsurface, and is just dragging along (usually when I'm not paying attention or changing my footing). I could see the one version posted on post #18 working really well in similar situations. Also very similar to a small marabou muddler...

    Very cool. Thanks for the great thread.
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